If you’ve been semi relevant within the past year or so, you must have noticed the increased boom of Sunday NYC Boozy brunches. Because everyone knows the only way to cure your hangover Sunday morning is to keep drinking.

Bottomless NYC Boozy Brunch

Last summer, my friends and I were overwhelmed with the amount of bottomless Boozy brunches we attended. One of our favorite NYC Boozy Brunch spots was HK located in Hell’s Kitchen. They were strong on the refills, didn’t give us a time constraint and the food was pretty solid too. Another reason we loved this place was because they offered us straight champagne and not just watered down mimosas.

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Party Brunch, NYC Boozy Brunch or Both

Yet, as we’ve graduated from college into our new post grad lives we’ve stepped up our brunch game as well. The latest and greatest spot that we’ve hit up is Il Bastardo located in Chelsea. This is not your ordinary brunch, or even your ordinary NYC boozy brunch. This is full on party brunch. The moment you step in, you’re in a club like atmosphere. You’re offered either a liter of mimosa, screwdriver, bloody Mary or a bottle of champagne.

Mid-day Clubbing in Chelsea

Once you have the champagne flowing, everyone starts making their way to the dance floor and things get really heated. You’re basically clubbing at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon. In the mix of all of this your food comes out (though you’re probably too busy dancing to notice, but hey you did come here for brunch). Though this experience is not for all, if you can handle it, it’s one that I certainly recommend.

Although I claimed that regular brunch is so “passé” I’d be lying if I said it still wasn’t one of my favorite activities. Whether my mom is making French toast, my friends and I are catching up or I’m trying out a new restaurant (mimosa free) it’s a meal that I just can’t pass up.

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