In the summer everyone is spending more time with friends and more time outdoors.  There are parties and barbecues,  sports to watch, and beach homes to visit. When in doubt, it is always best to bring a host/hostess gift no matter how much money you spent on it (if any at all!). The key to a good hostess gift is something that is useful to the occasion or has multiple uses. Remember to bring a gift receipt because, even if you know the person well, it’s hard to predict their taste and what they already own! Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for a good host/hostess gift!

USA Map Puzzles

Between Memorial Day, Labor Day and with July 4th in there too, the whole summer is always a celebration of Americana. Why not give a gift that does the same? These wooden USA map puzzles are not only beautiful once assembled but also provide entertainment for any rainy day that keeps you away from the beach. Here are two different Hostess Gift options that are handmade on Etsy.

Hostess Gift


Hostess Gift


A Fancy Candle

This is a classic hostess gift but for good reason. Candles add a homey touch anywhere in your apartment or house and will jazz up the space when you have company, making them perfect for someone who entertains frequently. Though these candles from Diptyque are pricey, they burn for a long time and they will spread delicious scent throughout your home in no time. Similarly the Jo Malone candles are some of my favorites, they are so signature.

Hostess Gift

Hostess Gift

A Pitcher

A beautiful pitcher is a perfect hostess gift for someone who loves to entertain you can never have enough pitchers! A gorgeous pitcher is perfect for serving sangria or a cocktail of your choice, or you can even use them as a rustic inspired vase. Check out the awesome ones from fishes eddy!

Hostess Gift


A Hostess Gift from your NYC Neighborhood!

Live near a farmers market? Grab some NY grown produce or flowers. Have the best bagels right on your block? Pick up a dozen and give them to your host for their breakfast the next morning. Maybe you want to bring a chocolate babka from Breads Bakery or some great sandwiches from Katz?  Think about your favorite treats and share them with your host!

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