Though their food truck game is totally on point, if you haven’t visited the brick and mortar version of Korilla BBQ you have got to head over ASAP! Korilla BBQ has mastered the art of blending Mexican and Korean cuisine. Is your mouth watering yet? The menu at their East Village location is slightly different than what you’ll find on the menu at their tiger striped truck. Esther Choi, the Korean ramen guru of Mok Bar helped to design the menu and even shared her award winning kimchi recipe with Korilla BBQ!

Korilla BBQ Starters

Korilla BBQ Starts off with some basic options like burritos, rice bowls, and salad but they also have chilled somen noodles as a base option, which is totally unique to Korilla BBQ.  When it comes to protein, I’m a fan of their Kalbi, a marinated Korean steak and they also have awesome spicy tofu. None of the rice options at Korilla BBQ are bland.  They all bring something to the table. I personally went big and got their bacon, kimchi fried rice as my base.

For your additional toppings Korilla has a total mix between Korean and Mexican flavors, I suggest getting a little of both! If you like it hot, get their red Kimchi. This is one of the recipes Chef Choi brough to Korilla BBQ and it is outstanding! If you want some of that kimchi flavor but a little lighter, than the cucumber kimchi is for you! Korilla BBQ also has a great classic pico de gallo that will be perfect on any burrito or bowl! I also went with some of their kale salad on top, which adds great color and texture. Make sure to load up on the sauces here as they are all bringing something to the party!

Korilla BBQ Sides

Newer to the menu at Korilla BBQ are their two sides.  They offer their bacon kimchi fried rice in a panko crusted fried ball.

Korilla BBQ

But where your attention needs to be is their Kimcheese Fries, which may be the most unique thing on the menu! They start off with a bed of hot, out of the fryer, waffle fries and on top of that layering cheddar cheese sauce, red kimchi, pico de gallo, chopped scallions and shreds of nori.  This incredible and delicious monstrosity is going to be my new late night craving! And Korilla BBQ is open to 11pm on weekends so it might be where I’m headed this Friday night!

Korilla BBQ is located at 23 3rd Ave in the East Village, you’ll recognize their signature tiger stripes pained all over the building.

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