If you are a Baltimore transplant, just visiting during football season, or a New Yorker who loves the Ravens, you don’t need to feel like you’re the only one rooting for Lamar Jackson. Instead, check out these NYC bars when you want to watch the Ravens with some fellow fans.

The Ravens have been having more than a solid season so far. They just tied the record for most consecutive games, rushing over 100 yards as a team. Harbaugh seems to be leading them to what is going to be a very successful season.

This is definitely not the season you want to watch your favorite team alone in your apartment. The energy is going to be more and more electric with each win. If you are a Ravens fan in New York, there are places where you can spend a few hours cheering with your people. Who else is going to know what you’re doing when you yell “Ca-caw!”?

Here is a list of NYC bars where you will find other members of the Raven’s Flock every game day.

Our List of NFL Raven’s Bars in New York City

Mustang Harry’s

Mustang Harry’s, located just steps from Madison Square Garden, boasts itself as Midtown’s legendary Irish gastropub, as well as the official headquarters of Ravens fans. Enjoy traditional bar food with an Irish twist. Where else can you order burgers and nachos along with charred lamb lollipops and a corned beef sandwich? Whatever you feel like eating, you can be guaranteed a flock full of fans on Ravens game day.

Image shows a plate of hot wings, a basket of fries, and a cold beer staged in front of a Baltimore Ravens sign. Mustang Harry's is one of the best bars in NYC to watch the Baltimore Ravens

Bar-Coastal NYC

Bar-Coastal NYC, located on 1st Avenue on the Upper East Side, offers delicious pub grub and specializes in wings. In fact, Bar-Coastal has an entire section of its menu dedicated to wings. And what goes better with wings than football? So show up on Ravens game day, and you will be sure to find the game playing and fans gathering.

Image shows a crowd gathered at Bar Coastal, drinking and watching sports games on the tv. Bar-Coastal is one of the best bars in NYC to watch the Baltimore Ravens

The Three Monkeys

The Three Monkeys, located between Broadway and 8th Avenue, takes beer, atmosphere, and football very seriously. They have a bi-level bar and every sports package available. In addition, the Three Monkeys has a classic pub grub menu along with a large selection of rotating beers.

Image shows an extensive bar with several monitors mounted overhead, perfect for catching a football game.

Shout Out To Ravens Fans

Are you a Baltimore Ravens fan living in NYC? If so, what’s your favorite spot? Also, let us know if we’ve missed any of your go-to Baltimore Ravens bars in NYC.

If you’re looking for more tips on where to grab a beer or a bite to eat in NYC—no matter who your team is—check out our reviews and posts to find out where you can go.

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