If you’re hopeless in the kitchen you probably realize that, after a certain point, it will no longer be cute to giggle shyly, holding up a frying pan or a wok, as you wonder aloud if you can use them to bake a cake. Or maybe you’re a “cook” who’s fed up with using the microwave more than any other kitchen appliance. In this day and age, when even the ingredients you need to cook a meal are delivered to your door by services like Blue Apron, you may be thinking that it’s time to get serious about learning how to cook so that you can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. The good news is that whatever your culinary can’t, NYC has a cooking class that’ll turn that can’t into a can. Below you will find some of the most awesome cooking classes in NYC.

Appetite for Seduction

Ever wish you had awesome, cool friends who knew their way around a kitchen and who’d invite you over one night so that they could show you how to whip up fabulous meals as you laughed and drank wine late into the night? You’re getting exactly that when you sign up for Shani and Joel Delamor’s Appetite for Seduction cooking class in the East Village.

The couple hosts this deliciously tantalizing and insanely popular cooking class right out of their own home, cementing the “dinner with friends” vibe. You can choose a Mexican, French or Italian “sensual cooking class”, and rates are $240 per couple (“couple” can mean lovers, best friends, co-workers – any duo of two!).

Appetite for Seduction, 41 East 1st Street, NY, NY 10003 646-490-8774 – Cooking Classes in NYC

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Pizza a Casa Pizza School

Admit it; ever since you were a kid, you were intrigued by those magician-like chefs at the local pizza parlor who’d twirl and toss those giant, white Frisbees of dough high into the air, effortlessly catching them as they fell back to earth. Sure, you pick up the pre-packed dough from Trader Joe’s, but it’s not the same, amirite? Enter Pizza a Casa Pizza School. This is the school for people who want to learn how to make gourmet-quality pizza in their own homes on pizza night.

When you arrive, owners Mark and Jenny kick off the event by plying you with decadent slices of pizza as they regale you with an entertaining rundown of the history of the pizza-making process. Afterwards, you spend a few hours drinking wine and making your own pizzas. What kind of pizza? It’s up to you. The staff lays out a tableful of toppings, and you come up with your own mix. You mix the dough. You stretch it. You toss it. You top it. You eat it. What do people think of it? Five-star reviews across the board, from Tripadvisor to Yelp. Prices are $195 per person and $295 per couple, and by all accounts, worth every penny.

Two of our Eat Up New York Crew members participated in a private Pizza a Casa event and verified it was an awesome night.  Wine and Pizza for hours and Mark and Jenny are the nicest couple you will ever meet.

Pizza a Casa Pizza School, 371 Grand Street, NY, NY 10002 (212) 228-5483

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Bhagavat Life

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re looking for a healthier and more spiritual way of eating and cooking, you’d love taking a class at Bhagavat Life in the East Village. This type of “soul” food helps people on the road to healthier living learn to prepare meals made from fruits, vegetables and grains. Many people new to healthy cooking believe that there are only a limited number of ways you can prepare these foods; these cooking classes target those folks. One of the key ideas behind the class is that healthy cooking is not synonymous with tasteless cooking. Good food can be good. If you’re new to Ayurvedic cooking, Bhagavat offers an intro class that can teach you everything you need to know. Seasonal cooking classes include a winter series that teaches students to prepare meals that enhance their moods and take away the cold-weather blahs and blues, while the spring detox cooking class teaches students to create energizing, tasty and revitalizing recipes like spicy greens and broccoli rabe with sunflower sauce or scrumptious baked cinnamon apples. Classes are $100 per person or $160 for two. But what do people say about the classes? Do they enjoy them? Are they actually learning anything? Yes and yes! Bhagavat Life, 25 First Avenue, NY, NY 646-571-0710

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Let us know what Cooking Classes in NYC are your favorite.

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