What seemed to start out as a never-ending search for a lunch spot on Seamless ended with us taking a walk down to Forcella Pizza on Park Avenue. For those who have never heard about Forcella Pizza before there are three locations, one location on Park Ave, another in Williamsburg, and one on Bowery in the East Village. Forcella Pizza defines themselves as a fusion Italian Pizza Restaurant that combines the art of making traditional Neapolitan pizza with contemporary Italian and American cuisine.

When you walk into the Park Avenue Forcella Pizza location their above definition makes 100% sense. The smell is so unbelievably good I do not recommend going there on an empty stomach because it will be extremely hard for you to not want to order and sample every pizza they have to offer.

Part of the deliciousness, and mastery behind their pizza, is owed to their double certified pizza master Giulio Adriana. Giulio Adriani won a gold metal at the 2010 World Pizza Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy, He has also won the International Pizza World Championship in Napoli (’09), the Pizza World Cup in Lecce (’08), and the famous World’s Best Pizza-America’s Plate in New York (’10). So as you can see from his previous awards and recognition, Adriani is a pizza-crafting magician.

Appetizers at Forcella Pizza

The appetizers at Forcella Pizza are to die for. Their appetizer menu features a mix of delicious American and Italian classics. We decided to go with the Risotto Balls to start. The Risotto Balls are four cheese rice balls with mixed greens and truffle aioli. The dish came with 4 Risotto Balls positioned around mixed greens topped with the truffle aioli. These did not last long; Especially when you bring “The Brains” behind Eat Up New York with you.

Forcella Pizza

The Pizza at Forcella Pizza

Now that we were in full-blown amazement from the Risotto Balls, we moved onto the Margherite Extra that we had ordered. The Margherite Extra is one of Forcella Pizza’s signature pizzas that features tomato sauce, bufala mozzarella, parmesan, DOP E.V olive oil, and basil. The entire time I had my eyes fixated on the wood fired oven that was cooking our pizza. Everything about the establishment, and the process of cooking the pizza, screamed authentic Neapolitan pizza.

When the pizza came out it was incredible looking. Semi charred spots on the crust and a smell that completely erases all the bad you have smelled on the subways that day. The crust was fluffy yet crispy and I assumed the center would be the same but it wasn’t. It was actually somewhat thin crust but not enough in my opinion to be actually considered thin crust. However, I am not complaining AT ALL. It was actually what I dream every pizza should be cooked like.

Forcella Pizza Park Ave

Believe me when I say I think Forcella Pizza might be the best Pizza spot in New York City for authentic Neapolitan Pizza. The place was clean, the food was delicious, and I highly recommend you stop reading this article now and get your self down there and try their pizza as soon as possible!

For more information on Forcella Pizza check out their website.

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