Who’s ready for the new year?! Everyone… and no one, at the same time.

The summer body or trip to Cancun aren’t getting crossed off if they haven’t already.

Well, we’ve got a list of things and eats you should try to tackle before the New Year.

Things to do in New York City before New Year’s Eve

Restaurants to try in NYC

Breakfast spots

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

A great mom-and-pop that has been a staple of the Greenpoint community since the 1950s. They have a Signature Winter Specials Menu worth checking out.

Ginger Bread Donuts

Maple Donuts

French Toast Donuts


727 Manhattan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Bagel Pub in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

When I think of a good New York bagel it’s that picture above.

Thick bagel.

Cream cheese with a little somethin’-somethin’ in it, popping out the sides.

775 Fraklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

Lunch Spots

We’re not going to give you Katz Deli. Everyone knows about it.

And kudos to me for not suggesting Rokstar Chicken all the way out in Douglaston.

I almost did.

But it’s too far

So how about something a little closer.

Native Noodles in Washington Heights

Started at the Queens Night Market, this great lunch spot some great little dishes with a Singaporean.

2129 Amsterdam Ave. New York 10032

Shelsky’s of Brooklyn

I’ve got a sandwich for your to try.

No picture, let me describe it to you.

Sliced pastrami smoked salmon.

Honey mustard.

Horseradish cream cheese.

Red onion

On a caraway seeded rye bagel.


I’ll have 2.

141 Court St. Brooklyn 11201

If you check any of these off your list before New Years Eve, tag us on social media!

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