A Taboon is a clay oven, shaped like a truncated cone, with an opening at the bottom from which to stoke the fire. Built and used in pre-biblical and biblical times as the family, neighborhood, or village oven, taboon ovens continue to be built and used in parts of the Middle East today. It’s used to make the famous Taboon bread, that’s dusted with rosemary, thyme, salt, and olive oil, as well as many other Middle Eastern staple dishes.

What if I told you that it’s possible to experience the magic of the Taboon right here in Manhattan, rather than fly across the world? Well you can!

Hell’s Kitchen Stokes Taboon

Right on the corner of 10th avenue and 52nd street, in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll find Taboon. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be in awe of the special Taboon oven, which grabs your gaze immediately. It’s mammoth and domed, with a coat of white concrete over the bricks, attracting your attention and revving up your appetite.

With influences from the Middle East and the alluring flavors of the Mediterranean, Taboon creates unique and complex dishes that will awaken your taste buds. You can’t get these flavors quite like these anywhere else, especially not without the Taboon.

Stellar Service and Food at Taboon

For my first experience at Taboon, I was blown away by the food, of course, but the service itself was equally as impressive. Our waiter was just as excited to tell us about the menu and specials, as we were to eat them. Speaking of food, let me just tell you, the complex combination of flavors, as well as the presentation were jaw dropping worthy. The bread, as well as almost every hot dish on menu, spends at least some time in the Taboon, which imparts a smoky, woodsy quality to every item that passes through it.


Some standouts include the whole branzino, the hanger steak, and oh boy don’t get me started on the cauliflower. The heirloom variety has been marinated in honey and anise seeds and accompanied with a light labneh and drizzling of olive oil. Beautiful in presentation and perfect in taste.

Taboon Taboon


Hats off to Chef Efi Nahon, originally trained in Tel Aviv, for an incredible meal at Taboon. Stay tuned for a Behind the Kitchen with Chef Efi Nahon himself! For reservations and more information, visit Taboon’s website.

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