Tanner Smith’s is my kinda bar and it should be your kinda bar too. The history here is crazy good. Tanner Smith was the stevedore in charge on the Hudson docks back in the day. He called the shots and you can assume he called the hits too. His gang affiliations make him the badass OG of New Yorker. Tanner Smith’s has taken down all the cover up and embraced all of the history this building has to offer. This place is a stevedore’s dream, not too far from the Hudson and it has all the right drinks with all the right grub. The original stone and structure can tell it all, but once you have ordered a smoked drink here all the details fall into place.

The Hell’s Kitchen crowd and myself gather around the main bar to enjoy snacks and cocktails that Tanner himself would be proud to serve. Andrew, the owner of Tanner Smith’s, took a proud minute to tell me about their local selections of beers, ciders, and vinos. Just the thought of something other than Angry Orchard had me excited already. Andrew told me a great story about a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that he sells called Joseph Carr. You will have to find him yourself and ask all about it. Just know that it is delicious!

Ruby my waitress brought me over a couple snacks so I wouldn’t fall off my chair after the liquor started flowing. The winona is their take on an old fashioned. They serve it in a sealed glass bottle with the smoke still in it so you can pour quickly for a sweeter drink or let it chill and go for the smokier taste. Their homemade beef jerky paired perfectly with the smoky flavor from my cocktail. The deviled eggs were served on curry toast and packed with flavor. You know when R. Kelly explained how his mind told him no but his body, his body told him yeah…Well I just had to order another glass of the Joseph Carr and I most certainly did not regret it! Check out Tanner Smith’s during the week for a great drink after work or on the weekend for a casual and fun experience.

Tanner Smith’s
Website – http://www.tannersmiths.com/
Address – 204 West 55th Street, NY

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