Midweek I got to head down to New York Vinters for a dining experience that was completely new. Yellowchair fosters one-of-a-kind dining experiences through curated dinners where diners can connect and share a passion for great food and drinks! If you make a profile with Yellowchair they will match you with other professionals who have similar interests so you can network, make friends and bond over food. Yellow chair also curates larger scale events and can even help you to find the right location for your own private event.

New York Vinters hosts plenty of the Yellowchair dinners and I loved the atmosphere there so try to score a seat at an event there if you can. During the day New York Vinters is a cool wine store with a very knowledgeable staff, by night they open up a dining space and kitchen in the back where they teach about food and wine.

Hold on to your seat folks because you’re going to be wildy jealous of the amazing dinner I went to! The theme of the dinner was “Bubble-Que: BBQ with Bubbles” the night put American BBQ classics head-to-head with Korean BBQ dishes all paired with unique sparkling wines. It would be hard for me to pick a clear winner from the BBQ war because both culinary representations were delicious! Highlights from the menu include tender Texas style Brandt Farms beef brisket, clay aged chili rubbed pork belly, Berkshire bacon baked beans and house made kimchi.

We tasted four different sparkling drinks with our dinner, and we learned a lot about them too. For instance did you know that there is the same amount of pressure in a bottle of champagne as there is in a NYC bus tire!

I can’t wait to head to my next Yellowchair event and bring my friends! Check out their website for updates on new events. http://www.yellowchair.com/Experiences

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