After the success of heading to Seth Meyers, Julie and I decided to try to get tickets for one of our favorite food shows, The Chew! I signed up online and a few days later it was confirmed that we would be getting tickets to the Chew.  It was that easy!

We got to attend the taping of the Chew’s Spring Spectacular show featuring The Rockettes and George Foreman.  This episode was all about spring, spring cleaning, spring produce and spring recipes!

What was Cooking at The Chew?

The recipes on this day were all about grilling, very spring appropriate but if you don’t have a grill these recipes can be done easily on a grill pan. The first recipe is a marinated tri-tip steak with grilled Italian flatbreads called piadine and grilled asparagus and ramps. This looked so good, Mario suggested making individual steak sandwiches with these, yum!

The second recipe was a little bit of a lighter option without being devoid of flavor. Daphne Oz took to the grill with a Grilled Chicken Paillard Salad. If you pound a chicken breast thin it will marinate faster and cook more quickly. The secret to this salad is to grill the pineapple so that the pineapple becomes caramelized and a little smoky from the grill.  Both recipes looked super easy and delicious, I plan on trying them out very soon!

The Chew

Being in the Audience

As for the entire experience it was pretty painless and enjoyable.  The wait before the show wasn’t too bad and although it was taped, and not live, the show ran straight through without any retakes. There was some forced clapping, laughing and mmmmm sounds but that is to be expected at any show taping. It was such an early taping that Julie and I were done by 10:30, plenty of time left in the day to Eat Up New York.

The steak recipe from The Chew can be found on this link

The Chicken Paillard Recipe from The Chew can be found on this link

For Tickets to The Chew check out their website



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