Although I would say I am an adventurous eater I still have yet to try many varieties of world cuisine. I didn’t even try tofu or Indian food until I went to college. So when I had the opportunity to try the French Senegalese food at Ponty Bistro, I was thrilled to taste something new.

What did I eat at Ponty Bistro?

Artichoke and Asparagus Salad

Although it is a special, it is on the menu frequently. This salad is made of raw asparagus, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh shavings of Parmesan and amazing vinaigrette with truffle oil. I always love a salad that isn’t based with lettuce as it shows off produce in a more unique way. I’m sure this salad will only be better in the weeks to come with the amazing harvests of local asparagus.

Ponty Bistro

Moules Africana

Whatever you do make sure you order these! These mussels are unlike any that I’ve had before, the perfect mix of spicy and savory and a hint of sweet. There are so many flavors in this dish that blend perfectly together, a few of them being coconut milk, red curry and lemon grass. Needless to say, at my table we all used our empty mussel shells to slurp up the broth after the mussels were gone. With this broth, no shame!

Ponty Bistro

Hanger Steak

Ponty Bistro has plenty of steak dishes on their menu but with this one priced well, there is no reason to look further. This steak is tender and flavorful and paired with the classic mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. The sauce that comes with the steak really brings the French influence to the table. It is a Bordeaux based steak sauce that is as rich and delicious as anything!

Ponty Bistro

Pan Seared Scallops at Ponty Bistro

While most places are afraid to overwhelm scallops with bold flavor, Ponty Bistro brings all the flavors to the party with this one. The scallop itself has a bold rub of spices that are only intensified by the pan sear. The scallops are then paired with asparagus and beetroot, the beetroot I found an especially unique addition to the plate. The plate is also garnished with a swipe of orange marmalade, which personally I found over powering but was easily ignored as I devoured the scallops.

Ponty Bistro


Ponty Bistro is a cute small spot in Gramercy that seats about 45. I highly suggest heading there if you are looking to step a little out of your comfort zone food wise. They definitely will have meal options that will be familiar to you but go bold and definitely try the mussels!

Ponty Bistro
218 Third Avenue
New York, NY


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