OrderAhead solves the problem of ordering food for delivery and knowing exactly when it’ll come. I don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve ordered seamless, anxiously waiting for my food to arrive within the 30-45 minutes they claimed, but instead having it arrive much later.

When I told my friends about it they said “so like UberX but for food” and since then I feel like that description kind of works. OrderAhead sends someone to place your order at a restaurant and then brings your meal to you.

OrderAhead has some city favorites on their restaurant list like Shake Shack, The City Bakery and Parm.  However, this app is only for downtown folks because OrderAhead doesn’t deliver above 45th Street.

I’ve been using OrderAhead to get my lunch delivered to work and no matter what I’m craving that day, OrderAhead has something to fulfill my lunchtime appetite! Here are some of my favorite places to order lunch from on the OrderAhead app.

 Sweet Green from OrderAhead

I’ve ordered from Sweet Green twice.  The first time it didn’t come chopped but the second time it did, so if you prefer one way or another add that into the item description.


Tres Carnes

I had wanted to try Tres Carnes for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity! My burrito came delivered to the Eat Up New York office still warm and delicious!


Barn Joo Delivered

When I was starving and also in the mood for Korean food, I ordered from Barn Joo and tried their bulgogi tacos.  These came in great condition, the tacos totally stayed together on their trek over to the office!



Beyond Sushi

Hungry for something light and healthy for lunch, I chose a salad from Beyond Sushi. I love that I could choose the exact time I wanted it delivered, and luckily it came right when expected.


One of the other features of OrderAhead is that you can place your order at your favorite restaurant, pay for it with the app, and then go pick it up when you are ready.  Remember that you need to be below 45th Street for delivery at the moment but that may change as the network expands.

Looking to order ahead from a restaurant not on the App? No problem! Simply email OrderAhead and they’ll do their best to add your favorite restaurant. So far they’ve listened to 3 of my requests!

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