Ronnie Fieg just threw milk on the shoe shopping game … and how we think of dessert.

Maybe you’ve heard of KITH, Ronnie Fieg’s fashion and sneaker boutiques in Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you have never heard of Ronnie Fieg, the New York-based sneaker and fashion designer, you are missing out on some iconic street wear over the last decade. His store is designed to highlight his style and design and is brimming with sneakers and clothing that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere – but you now have a foodie excuse to check it out.

Welcoming NYC’s 1st Cereal Bar aka KITH Treats

Now at the entrance of his flagship store, around the corner from The Barclays Center, is Kith Treats a cereal bar for sneaker enthusiasts. Donned in all-white, the 150-square-foot alcove of Fiegs’s Brooklyn building provides a very unique experience for its customers.

Kith TreatsFieg has been a cereal enthusiast since back in the day and says he wanted to open a cereal bar because – well, he just loves cereal – we do too Ronnie! “When I was a kid, my parents wouldn’t allow me to eat sugary cereals,” Fieg says, “I would sneak to friends’ houses to have it.”

But this isn’t cereal from your mother’s cupboard. Customers can order up to 3 different servings of 23 cereal options, with 25 assorted toppings and 5 different kinds of milk. Kith Treat’s Specials menu brings the friends and family of the Kith brand to the table for some help. The likes of Action Bronson, Don C, Virgil Abloh, Joe La Puma, Maxwell Osborne, 13th Witness, and many more.

The design of everything from the cereal package to the sneaker-box-cereal-bowl scream Ronnie Fieg’s design sense. The buzz around is that they have a spoon-straw combo that should have been cereal staple for ages. Even if youre not a boutique sneaker shopper, everyone like a good bowl of sugary goodness. Check out Kith Treats

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