With a name like Delicatessen, your average person would assume you were going to the local deli counter to pick up cold cuts. Yet, us foodies know (or are being enlightened) that this is most certainly not the case. Delicatessen puts a modern spin on your favorite comfort foods.

As an avid mac and cheeser I’ve noticed several mac and cheese joints popping up in the city, and picking the right place to get your mac on is harder than it looks. After a long day at work all I could think about was some quality mac and cheese, and I knew just where to get it.

Classic Mac at Delicatessen

To be safe, I got the classic mac and cheese, but there are a variety of other options available straight out of Delicatessen’s “mac bar.” My runner up choice probably would have been the four cheese because, let’s be real, the only thing better than three cheeses is four! But if you’re a diehard carnivor, Delicatessen has the Mac Reuben, Cheeseburger Mac, Mayan Chipotle (chicken), Mac Quack (duck if you couldn’t figure that out) and finally Mac Lobsta’


The mac and cheese at Delicatessen was to die for. No joke, I’d prob take a bullet for this stuff. It was filled with the perfect blend of fresh cheeses. None of the cheese sauce, or cheese whiz nonsense, that some places try to pass off as the real deal. Although mac and cheese is generally a heavy meal, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or overstuffed after walking out.

Classic Menu of Childhood Favorites

Of course they are not limited to Mac even though they have a large assortment.  The menu at Delicatessen is essentially classics made trendy, giving you an excuse to get all of your childhood favorites. Delicatessen was poppin’ on a Wednesday night, so either it’s a big hit or people are just trying to make their way past hump day. If I had to decide I’d go with the first option.

The only rough spot of my experience was that Delicatessen is very dark which made it difficult to snap the perfect pics of the perfect mac and cheese.  But if you go somewhere and don’t Instagram it, did you really even eat there?

Delicatessen – Website
54 Prince Street, NY, NY


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