After having an awesome time at The Village Voice Choice Streets, we decided to come along as The Village Voice took it to the streets, food truck style, that is. The Village Voice hosted their 4th annual Choice Streets event on May 5th, where more than 20 of NYC’s most popular food trucks come together to serve their most popular dishes.   Out of all of the NYC food trucks we tried at Choice Streets here are the 3 that we will be looking out for in NYC this summer.

Gorilla Cheese NYC Food Truck

From the Gorilla Cheese food truck I got to sample their classic American grilled cheese with their killer crumbled bacon. This grilled cheese doesn’t skimp on the bacon! These sandwiches taste just like what mom would whip up on a Saturday afternoon. And what’s better to go with your childhood themed meal than tater tots? If you’re feeling like a fancy grilled cheese, which I often am, Gorrilla has plenty of those amazing options as well. Next time I locate this truck I’m going to try out their cheddar grilled cheese with BBQ pulled pork and caramelized onions, that sounds like perfection to me!

Gorilla Cheese NYC Food Truck

To find out where to find the Gorilla Cheese NYC Food Truck check out their website.

Valducci’s Pizza NYC Food Truck

At first look you might just pass by Valducci’s, but don’t! Valducci’s is making awesome traditional Sicilian pizza that is better than most joints in NYC! These pies are all about the sauce, their red sauce is fresh and flavorful with lots of herbs. Their thin crispy crust makes for the perfect accompaniment with this sauce. Valducci’s claim that their pie is even better than the one grandma used to make! We won’t be arguing with that. Next time I’m hoping to try a slice topped with their fried eggplant!

Valduccis Pizza NYC Food Truck

Fore more information on Valducci’s Famous Original Food Truck check out their website.

Treats Truck

The perfect way to round out any meal is a treat from the Treats Truck! The Treats Truck has a sweet for everyone, daily they have so many different kinds of treats to try, everything from cookies to brownies to pie and cupcakes! I ordered one of the peanut butter brownies, it was super fudgy and not overly sweet, the perfect indulgence. The best part? You can even choose if you want a side, corner or middle piece!

Treats Truck NYC Food Truck

To find out where to find the Treats Truck check out their website.

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