Prohibition Bakery is not your sorority sister’s cupcake shop. Leslie Feinberg and Brooke Siem are two badass bakers making boozy cupcakes for the masses.

Learning on the Job

Leslie and Brooke may have only known one another for a few months before signing the lease papers on their Lower East Side location, but what they really didn’t know was the multitude of craziness that comes with running a small business. “Never get comfortable,” is what Leslie tells me when I ask what they have learned most since the Prohibition Bakery opened three years ago. Leslie described that the second her and Brooke had gotten a handle on things, their delivery company would go out of business or equipment would break. These days, it seems that they have found their own kind of comfort in that “prepared for anything” mindset. They bang out cupcake catering orders and test out new flavors like it’s routine.

Prohibition Bakery

The cupcakes themselves actually contain alcohol, that’s right! They use secret magic to get alcohol into the cupcake after the baking process. Prohibition Bakery doesn’t use any artificial flavors or coloring in making these sweet treats. Different cupcakes range from slight hints of alcohol to a stronger taste of liquor. The cupcakes are a cute mini size so you can try as many as your hearts desire without the guilt, but maybe with a bit of a buzz.

Prohibition Bakery Favorites

My favorite Prohibition Bakery cupcake had to be the Pretzels and Beer flavor. This cupcake is made with Six Point Sweet Action Ale, Nutella, white truffle and topped with a pretzel. This cupcake is perfect for anyone who loves that salty and sweet combination which seems to be everyone, because this is their most popular flavor! Pretzels and Beer is on the less boozy side but if you are looking for something to get you hammered “low key,” try their seasonal Sangria flavor. Don’t let the cute pink frosting trick you, this cupcake packs a punch! It is spiked with red wine and pear brandy and flavored with orange.

Keep in mind that these cupcakes are for 21+ so bring your ID. These cupcakes would make a perfect addition to a birthday party, girls night in or any event you would drink at!

Prohibition Bakery
9 Clinton Street, New York, NY – Website

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