When I first heard about the Chobani cafe in SoHo, I envisioned massive amounts of their greek yogurt sold in branded containers out of a cooler. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. Chobani has created a one-of-a-kind cafe where they feature various yogurt creations amongst other delicious menu items.

Where is Chobani Soho Cafe?

Located on the corner of Prince Street and West Broadway, Chobani is one of the most tasteful cafes to stop in. Walking in on a Sunday afternoon, I was a little too excited to try one of their Sweet Yogurt Creations, Peanut Butter & Jelly. Anything that is similar to my all time favorite sandwich, I must try.

We walked passed the wood paneled benches and kitchen area, where you can see where all the yogurt magic happens, and headed towards the register in the back. The staff at Chobani SoHo was super friendly and helpful in explaining all parts of the large menu to us. They also spoke about their seasonal creations that they have and allowed us to sample before deciding.

After placing our order we took a seat at the bar stool table facing the kitchen. Above us were large monitors that showcased beautiful imagery and inspirational words from Chobani. The kitchen staff then called our name and we were able to go and pick up our order to sit back down.

More than just Yogurt

Now the menu is broken down by: Sweet & Savory Yogurt Creations, SIMIT Sandwiches, Soup, Dessert and various Coffees & Teas. We went with the Peanut Butter & Jelly (obviously) for one of our Sweet Yogurt Creations. It’s made with Chobani plain yogurt, creamy peanut butter, roasted peanuts, grape jelly along with freshly cut red grapes. After mixing the toppings together, in the most gorgeous branded glass bowl, I took a bite of my yogurt from their wood spoons. It was sensational (yes I did just call this yogurt sensational). The mix of peanut butter and jelly gave a sweet and salty taste that was absolute perfection. An extra crunch from the peanuts and grapes added just what I need when I have yogurt.


We also ordered the Seasonal Yogurt Creation. It was a Lemon Meringue with Chobani plain yogurt, lemon meringue, crushed graham crackers and shaved almonds. Another hit for our tastes buds.


Bring on the Chobani Simit

For the first time ever we ordered a SIMIT. SIMIT is Turkish and is what Chobani uses for their sandwiches. Imagine a thinner bagel with less dough, perfectly circular and a bigger hole in the middle. The Pastirma + Kasseri SIMIT was a hit. It had Turkish aged beef (looked like Pastrami) with sheep’s milk cheese, some pickles, labne and evoo. I was so intrigued by the SIMIT creations Chobani SoHo offers. Next time I will definitely want to get the Smoked Salmon SIMIT as it’s their take on the classic bagel & lox.


One of my favorite parts of our visit was the branding in the cafe. Each dish is served on a beautiful wooden tray with a glass branded bowl and wooden spoon. Chobani even allows you to take the bowl home to reuse and will give you a clean one after you eat.

Chobani SoHo absolutely knocked it out of the park. Opening this corner cafe was pure genius for the Chobani lovers out there. It allows us to taste yogurt and think of eating it in a less traditional way and allows its customers to take a deeper look into Chobani’s world and what they believe in.

Chobani Cafe
152 Prince Street, NY, NY

Check out their website for more information

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