Eat Up New York was invited to Le Village to taste their new menu. The spot was formerly Table Verte which had a total neighborhood following. Le Village is combining some of the most popular vegetarian dishes with more carnivore loving options. Take note that Le Village is BYOB. There is a wine store conveniently located around the corner so you can even run out to grab a bottle after you place your order.  This way your wine will perfectly compliment your dinner.

Our Apps at Le Village

With the record freezing temps I was excited to be starting off the evening with a little French onion soup. I must have said it many times but I could not believe that the soup broth was vegan; it was incredibly umami and savory. This hands down was the best French onion soup I’ve ever had. You need to go and try it at Le Village if you are also a lover of onion soup. One of my other favorite appetizers at Le Village was the mini cheese and truffle ravioli, which was served in a mini Dutch oven, so cute! Their goat cheese tart is currently listed on their entrée menu but I suggest ordering this as an app to share for 2, or even four. The tart is quite delicious and cheesy without being too heavy, particularly if shared.

Le Village Le Village

As for the entrees the warm comfort food continued! The Coq au Vin is not to be missed! The chicken in the stew is incredibly tender and falls right off the bone. The flavor is fully developed from the days of slow cooking that this dish entails. You’ll want to ask for a straw in order to slurp up every last drop of the stew because it is that good.

Le Village

If you are looking for a vegetarian option the gnocchi au gratin was unforgettable. It is like the French version of mac and cheese. The gnocchi itself was incredible and very light, as all gnocchi should be, but often isn’t.

Don’t Miss Dessert at Le Village

You’ll want to make sure that you save some room for dessert because the menu has a little bit of everything including some very unique options. I loved the aloe vera done two ways, one in a saffron sauce and one in a red wine. If you’ve never had aloe vera you have to try it here!

Le Village

There is also a seasonal tart, which also happens to be vegan! This apple tart is close behind the soup for my favorite dish of the night, as someone who isn’t a big fan of dessert this still knocked my socks off! The tart isn’t overly sweet and comes with a delicious coconut sorbet.

The food at Le Village is total French comfort food and I didn’t even know that French food could be so comforting to me. It is as if I just found my long lost French grandmother when I ate at Le Village. There really is something for everyone at Le Village, regardless of estranged French relatives, dietary preferences, allergies or otherwise.

Kitchen Opening Hours
Sunday – Monday – Wednesday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday and Saturday 5pm – 10:30pm

For more info on Le Village check out their website

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