I’m so impressed with the variety of healthy options around New York City. We really need to take a moment and appreciate how forward thinking this city is. With places like Hu Kitchen, Beyond Sushi, Ellary’s Greens, and Dimes having such success in the most competitive city, it is apparent that healthy food has become a greater priority to many of us. However, I still find that this City lacks what us healthy minded working folks need most – a healthy, affordable fast food option.

Healthy Vegetarian Fast Food – Two Tablespoons

Two Tablespoons is hoping to fill this void with their vegetarian/vegan food vending company. Owners Katya and Gosha have been working hard for three years to change our perception of healthy vegetarian fast food, which is often seen as boring and bland. They’ve created unique and seasonal menus inspired by their worldly ventures and interaction with ethnic cuisines. They’ve come up with their own original recipes with unique flavor combinations. Think summer rolls and Glass Noodle Salads (summer), Gluten Free Mac & Cheese (fall), Hearty Bean Chillis and Loaded Potatoes (winter).

You may have seen Two Tablespoons around NYC at food markets such as Madison Square Eats, Broadway Bites, and most recently Bryant Park Holiday Shops. Over the past 12 years of working in the restaurant industry, personal research, education, kitchen experiments, cooking for yoga and retreat centers, traveling the world, and working at these NYC markets, Katya and Gosha have collected a lot of knowledge and experience in wholesome vegetarian cooking.

Two Tablespoons

In exciting news, Two Tablespoons has been offered a permanent spot at a new indoor food market, located in the Grand Central Station area, opening this spring. They will be the exclusive vegetarian vendor there. However, in order to fund this upcoming project, Katya and Gosha need our help. Calling out to all of my Eat Up Healthy New Yorkers! This week Two Tablespoons is launching their very own kickstarter.

Seasonal Menu from Two Tablespoons

By helping them raise the funds they need, they can continue to bring their amazing, wholesome, vegetarian/vegan foods to us! They realize that getting a healthy meal in Manhattan is an everyday struggle for many working professionals and residents of the area. To help alleviate this problem, Two Tablespoons is planning to change that! They have created a unique seasonal menu with many new items, which will include breakfast and lunch bowls. Each bowl is a complete, balanced and nutritious meal, with a distinct flavor for a particular part of the world.

Two Tablespoons

For more information on their Kickstarter, a preview of their new menu offerings, an exact breakdown of how your donations will be used, and of course to make to your pledge, please check out Two Tablespoons Kickstarter page.

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