What do you get when you play Tug-of-War with a pig? Pulled-Pork. What do you get when you mix amazing slow smoked barbeque with a store front in west village? Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque which started out at Smorgasburg received a lot of buzz in 2014 along with expansion. They have since opened locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. If you have yet to make it to Mighty Quinn’s, I’m sure you have heard the buzz around them and probably thinking “It’s just a bbq place, how special could it be.”

Well, I have news for you. Very Special! Reason I say that is because no longer do us New Yorkers have to put up with the southerners thinking they live in the only place to get good authentic BBQ.

Our Experience at Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in West Village

When we walked in the door I knew not only by the looks of the place but the smell that we had just reached BBQ heaven. We had gone on a Friday at about 11:45 because we weren’t sure how the lunch rush gets. (Still not sure how it gets I would imagine pretty packed)

We were one of the first few people to get there after the doors opened and it was great. We walked right up to the ordering line and ordered Pulled Pork, Brisket, Burnt Ends, and the Smoked Sausage. After ordering that you move to the next area on line which asks you what time of sides you would like. We went with pickles and fries (you can’t not get fries) so we could keep a good focus on the taste of the meat and not be side tracked by the sides. Next you slide down to where you order drinks and pay. They have an assortment of soda as well as beer on tap, and in bottles. Big bonus points for that.

So now that we are ready to chow down my buddy and I split up the 4 different meats so we could each taste the different meats. Right away I started with the Pulled Pork and if I said it was delicious to chew I would be lying. Why? Because I couldn’t chew it, it melted right in my mouth because it was so perfectly cooked! The Brisket was on the same boat as the pulled pork. It didn’t have that melt in your mouth affect but it was incredible. Both the Pulled Pork & Brisket were so tender and delicious I found myself focusing only on that but got myself together and moved onto the Burnt Ends. Now to begin with I wasn’t too sure how this was going to taste or for that matter what Burnt Ends even where. These where my buddies choice to try. Not that I want to discredit or say they were bad but they just were not for me.

On to the smoked sausage – Now were are talking my kind of meats! The smoked sausage had the perfect amount of BBQ flavor as well as a nice little spicy kick to it. This is where I got daring and wanted to start trying the big bottle of BBQ sauce aka Mighty Quinn’s Sauce that is on each of the tables. Luckily you can buy the sauce because a few times I contemplated how I could make out concealing this big bottle because it was that good. After trying it on the Smoked Sausage, I put it on everything else. I even poured some on the side so I could dip my fries in it. It was the perfect blend and complimented each of our meats we ordered perfectly.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque: The West Village Pit Master
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque: The West Village Pit Master
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque: The West Village Pit Master
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque: The West Village Pit Master

Overall I had an awesome experience at Mighty Quinn’s in West Village. The staff was excellent. The place was super clean. (Which I feel you don’t find often in good BBQ joints) Usually you always find your hands sticking to the tables because of sticky dried BBQ sauce on the table. Not the case here. If you have not been to Mighty Quinn’s yet I highly recommend you get yourself there as soon as possible!

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