What would make me hop a train to The Sampler in Bushwick Brooklyn?  I made the trek out for 2 reasons. My two reasons were an awesome craft beer bar, and their exclusive brew by Bridge and Tunnel called Phoenix on Starr.

The Sampler in Bushwick Hit the Spot

My trip was well worth it. The Sampler is a quiet place where I was happy to lounge and try out new beers. They are a great example of what a craft beer bar should be. They don’t feel a need to crowd their taps with typical beers that even craft beer bars feel a need to carry, like Budweiser and Stella Artois. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices, the bartenders are happy to recommend, or try one of their $8 flights so you can try out 4 different beers! If you can’t find something, from one of their 20 taps, that you’re interested in The Sampler also has a well-stocked refrigerator wall that you can pick out a brew for yourself. You’ll also find specialty ciders and barley wine in there too!

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I was extremely happy to see that the Phoenix on Starr was still on tap at The Samplerin Bushwick. This particular brew is a hoppy IPA that is brewed with habanero peppers. At first taste it seemed just like a really great IPA. The Phoenix on Starr doesn’t have so much of the pepper flavor but then… after you’ve finished your sip the heat begins to sink in. It takes a few minutes for the full effect of the habanero heat to hit you. The spice isn’t overwhelming but is actually the perfect warming winter beer for me!

You can Eat Too at The Sampler in Bushwick

I was surprised that The Sampler also had some food! Ranging from small bites of pickles and olives to Panini’s and charcuterie plates. Although I didn’t order food here the veggie Panini got a lot of attention around the bar.

It was surprisingly easy to get to The Sampler in Bushwick, as the L will take you one block from the bar. The Sampler does close at 11 p.m. so head over after work and take advantage of their happy hour, which ends at 7pm.

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