Would I travel to Brooklyn for a Vegan Shop-up?  Yeah Dawg, I would!

Nothing can keep me from a vegan pop-up market. When you combine two of my favorite things, vegan food and markets, there is no chance I will pass up that opportunity! So when I saw found that Pine Box Rock Shop, in Bushwick, hosts Vegan Shop-Up (NYC’s first all vegan market), I had to go. Yes the temperature outside was well below zero, and yes Bushwick was a bit of a trek from Manhattan, but like I said, I don’t say no to this sort of event.

Popping Up for the Shop Up

I happily made my way to Bushwick and headed to Pine Box Rock Shop, the all vegan bar. This Vegan Shop Up happened to fall right on Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it. As soon as I walked in, I was embraced by warm and loving vibes all around. The bar was packed with customers sipping on sweetheart drink specials and downing many bloody-mary’s I made my way to the back of the room, excited to see some of my old favorites (This Pie Is Nuts) as well as some new ones.

Did you find what you wanted? Yeah Dawg!

On the prowl for something savory and hearty, I made my rounds until finally I found it. Tucked away in the back corner stood Yeah Dawg, a company I had never seen before. One look at their offerings and my mouth began to water. I could not wait to try one of these dawgs. Kerrie Ann, who was helping serve these Dawgs explained to me exactly who they were and all they offered.

“Yeah Dawg is an organic plant based pop up hot dog cart that serves soy and gluten free dawgs along with an assortment of home made fermented krauts, pickled toppings, coconut bacon, and our own cashew mayonnaise. Our dawgs are home made and hand-rolled using a blend of beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, GF flours, herbs and spices. They are unique because they are the only soy and gluten free dawg to hit the market.”

Yeah Dawg

Unique is right. I was beyond thrilled to find a soy free, gluten free alternative to hot dogs! When looking at ingredient labels on meat-free “veggie” based alternatives, soy and gluten can most likely always be found, which is incredibly frustrating for someone who tries to avoid both. These dawgs are not your typical hot dogs at all, but they are insanely delicious especially when fully loaded with all the toppings. I ordered my dawg bun-free and placed on top of their kale salad. I then topped my yeah dawg with all of the extraordinary toppings, and definitely did not skimp on the cashew based mayonnaise. I truly did love everything, especially that coconut bacon. I mean, cmon!!

Stay with me Dawg

So you want to try one of these delicious dawgs? Not so fast people. While Yeah Dawg does have big dreams, they need our help to pursue them. Yeah Dawg is currently holding a kickstarter to raise enough money to bring their dawgs to everyone. They ideally would love to develop a wholesale operation that will sell their dawgs at supermarkets and restaurants. And they’d also love to establish a flagship outlet that would offer their products, as well as other healthy, plant-based, gluten- and soy-free food and beverages. But time is running out, meaning the time to help is NOW! With over $10,000 raised so far, let’s help them reach their goal and bring this healthy alternative to everyone!

If you’re interested in helping out Yeah Dawg, please see the following link to read more about their awesome kickstarter campaign and to donate. With every donation, you’ll even receive a gift in return for your support. Let’s do this people and make Yeah Dawgs accessible to all! 

Check out the Yeah Dawg Kickstarter Campaign Here




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