Sticky’s Finger Joint has two locations in Manhattan, the first in Greenwich Village and the newer location in Murray Hill. The Murray Hill location has become the hot spot for drunken bros and foodies alike trying to get good chicken any time of day. Sticky’s Finger Joint has become one of my favorite spots to head to when I’m craving fried food.

First off you have a couple of ways to order your chicken, you can get the classic fingers, the popper (popcorn chicken) or the finger roll. FYI they will also put chicken fingers on top of a salad for you, but who are we fooling, you’re not at Sticky’s Finger Joint for the salad. The regular size will get you 3 chicken fingers or 12-15 poppers. I say go for the poppers you will get enough for two people!

 It’s About the Sauce at Sticky’s Finger Joint

Now at Sticky’s Finger Joint it is really all about the sauces and toppings! For your chicken you can either get it tossed in one of their signature sauces or get a few for dipping. I like getting the chicken doused in either their maple balsamic buffalo or the Nashville hot sauce and getting the baby buttermilk ranch topped with blue cheese crumbles for dipping. Some other awesome sauces for dipping are their wasabi sauce, mac sauce (essentially the best cheese sauce ever), Thai sweet chili and the French onion crema.
Sticky's Finger Joint

Now on to the French Fries

On top of the amazing fried chicken fingers at Sticky’s Finger Joint they are also killing the fry game. The fries, on their own, are already amazing, golden brown, crispy seasoned and soft on the inside. The fries also make great vehicles for the dipping sauces. However if you really want to get crazy you can also load up your fries in a number of ways. Two of the most popular are their bacon mac fries and their s’more fries. The bacon mac option comes heaping with their mac sauce and extra crispy bacon pieces (the real kind of bacon not something called bits). They’ll add some chopped parsley on top, which gives the fries some great color too. S’mores fries may sound like a joke but I am very serious. They top a hot batch of fries with chocolate sauce graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows that start to melt on contact with the hot fries. If you’re a fan of the combination of sweet and salty you’ve got to try these fries! Maybe even add some bacon on there too!

On Friday and Saturday nights Sticky’s Finger Joint advertises that they stay open until 3:30 am. However from experience I have learned they will close whenever they run out of chicken, which can be as early at 1 am. So if you’re dying to try their food I’d suggest heading over before they get busiest around midnight.

You can also check Sticky’s Finger Joint out on their Website for more info

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