Food trucks in NYC aren’t a novelty or a thing anymore. They just are, like bodegas, or Walgreens. Once upon a time, folks geeked out to find a grilled cheese truck outside their offices, but now, they’re all like, “Oh wait, they don’t have gruyere?? Who does that? On to the next one!” There’s even a movement afoot to allow even more truck vendors to vend in NYC (yup, there’s a cap!) because currently it’s hard to get a permit and keep one.

In the meantime, there are quite a few mobile eateries to choose from. Here are a few of the best to look out for this summer.

Yvonne’s Jamaican Food Truck

You may have decided that going to Jamaica is the last thing you want to do during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean that you’re willing to forgo all of that authentic Jamaican fare that you enjoyed on your last trip to Port Antonio. Enter Yvonne’s Jamaican Food Truck. Parked proudly on the corner of 71st and York on the Upper East Side for years, Yvonne’s will send you away with steaming styrofoam containers filled to overflowing with Jamaican goodies like spicy oxtail so tender it falls off the bone and collard greens so flavorful you scrape the bottom of the container to get to the last bit of juice. Grab a friend, order a couple of containers, and walk over to Carl Schurz Park where you can enjoy the sunset as you dine.

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71st and York, Monday to Friday 11:30am-3:45pm   


The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

Remember we mentioned that it’s kind of hard for food trucks to get permits? Keep this in mind re: the Cinnamon Snail. First there weren’t any. Now there aren’t many, and one may have lost it’s permit, but it’s still worth hunting down. The Cinnamon Snail was one of the most popular food trucks in the city, let alone vegan food trucks. And no, folks patiently waiting in line at the food truck weren’t lining up for bags of steamed carrots. People were chowing down on real food, including chipotle seitan breakfast burritos with scrambled tofu, grilled seitan and jalapenos marinated kale slathered with chipotle mayonnaise, or maybe the classic one filled with tofu, refried beans and avocado? They wolfed down Thai BBQ tempeh sandwiches consisting of grilled spelt bread loaded with spicy bbq tempeh, Thai basil, pickled onions and smoked chili roasted peanuts, wiping fiery siracha mayo off their chins. With decadent vegan pastries rounding out the meal, it’s easy to see why folks stalk the Twitter page for updates.

(And you should definitely make sure you are following the above Instagram Feed – It’s the best!)

Subscribe to the company’s twitter feed to see where the food truck plans to pop up throughout the summer.

Korilla BBQ – Food Truck and More

If only there was, like, a way to get the awesomeness of Korean BBQ without having to go to Midtown? And wouldn’t eating be even more awesome if you could throw in a dash of Mexico? Like a kimchi burrito truck! Well, it does exist, Virginia, in the form of the Great Food Truck Race contender, Korilla BBQ truck. Founded by Queens-born, Columbia-educated Edward “3D” Song and brought to life with the help of Soho digital agency Box Creative, this food truck quickly grew into a phenomenon, adding brick and mortar stores and a #1 Food Truck rating from The Village Voice along the way. The concept is simple: choose a base (burrito, tortilla, bowl etc), then add in your rice (including sticky rice, purple rice, and bacon kimchi fried rice!), your protein (including tofu, hot chicken and pork) and top it all off with the toppings of your choice and Korilla sauce.


Do you have a favorite food truck in NYC? We would love to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments or send us an email with your favorite food truck info.

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