For the Behind the Kitchen series, one of my favorite questions I ask chefs and restaurateurs is what catches their eye on menu? After hearing their answers, I’ve had time to reflect on what my own answer would be to that question. And without hesitation, the first thing that comes to mind is vegetables. I love seeing how creative restaurants get with seasonal produce, because the possibilities are endless. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing that the only salad option on a menu is iceberg lettuce with tomatoes carrots and onions; a poor excuse for a salad. So when I go to a restaurant like Westville, which highlights veggies like no other, I find myself overwhelmed and without a clue what to order.

Westville is a Veggie Game Changer

Anything anyone can do with veggies, Westville probably does better. They have veggies down to a science. Their salads are giant and have all the fix-ins you’d dream of. But if you’d like to add something or make a modification, they’re cool with that too. I recommend going with either the Greek salad or the grilled salmon salad. The Greek salad comes with a grilled baguette with goat cheese and the grilled salmon salad comes with a lemon dill vinaigrette that’s just sublime.

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But what really caught my eye on the menu was the “market” menu. With twenty plus vegetarian options available, all the time, this is a dream come true for me. You can pick four and create a meal if you please. This is my go-to order, switching up the veggies every time so I will, one day(soon), have tried them all. My all time favorites include the artichoke hearts, roasted fennel, mushrooms, and the broccoli. Other standouts are the Brussels and the sweet potato fries. Obviously. I’ve heard incredible things about their veggie burger, so that’s next on my Westville Bucket List.

Westville is Worth the Wait

With such a perfect sounding menu, there’s gotta be a catch right? Eh, kind of. With three different locations in the city, the original in the West Village, and the other two in Chelsea and the East Village, you can expect quite a wait no matter the location. On a lovely Saturday or Sunday morning, the wait for brunch at Westville can be ridiculous, but definitely worth it. People don’t wait around for nothing, that’s for sure. Out of all three locations, my favorite has to be the East Village location. The staff is super friendly, willing to accommodate all your needs. I also like that it’s definitely more spacious than the original in the West Village, but still has more of a quaint ambience than the Chelsea location.


If you’re looking for a veggie-focused meal, that keeps it fresh and unique, and reasonably priced, look no further than Westville…except maybe if there’s an hour-long wait. But really, Westville keeps it simple and doesn’t try too hard to impress, yet their ingredients are of the highest quality, impressing you nonetheless.

Follow this link for more information on Westville check out their website

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