Even though I’ve now been living in the city for almost a year, it still amazes me how on any given night here there are endless options of things to do. Regardless of how many hours I spend prowling the Internet in search of fun things to do; there will always be something I missed. That’s what keeps this city so exciting and keeps me on my toes!

So when a friend told me about a free documentary screening happening, hosted by YouTube Space NY, my first thought, was “How did I not know about this??”, but my second thought was “Wow, this is why I love this city so much.”

What is YouTube Space NY?

YouTube Space NY is located inside of Chelsea Market.  It covers nearly 20,000 square feet and contains large production stages, cameras, lights, sound gear, electrical and grip equipment. Additionally, this space also offers post-production resources ranging from private editing suites to voice-over recording booths, which are all no charge if your channel has at least 5,000 subscribers!

Events at YouTube Space NY

YouTube creators (and us regular folks) are allowed to attend social events and programs hosted by YouTube New York. From platform trainings and community events to showcases and workshops for creators in specific categories (like film, comedy, news, fashion and beauty), YouTube New York provides many opportunities to improve your channel and content strategy. But there are also non-YouTube channel related events such as movie screenings and comedy showcases, which all can enjoy at no charge.

On this particular night, YouTube Space NY hosted a free screening with a Q&A with a couple of cast members for the documentary Wolfpack, which is an incredible film about The true story of six brothers locked away from society in a Manhattan housing project who found a window to the outside through film. The event took place from 6-9. Upon arrival we were asked to enter our information on an Ipad and then we were allowed to mingle, have a drink at the open (beer and wine) bar, while we waited for the screening to begin. They were also passing around Beyond Sushi appetizers while we waited….dream come true. The screening began around 7 and the event ended quite promptly at 9. It was fun to be out and about on a Wednesday night with a crowd of fun, interesting people I had never met before.

This month YouTube Space NY is hosting two more events, which you can find by checking out their site here. Any other fun events I’ve somehow missed? Let us know below!

YouTube Space NY
75 Ninth Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY  10011

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