The latest trend in coffee is literally exploding across the nation. This summer’s coffee craze is nitro-cold brew and two places in NYC are brewing up the best in nitro on tap: Stumptown Coffee Roasters, located in the Ace Hotel and in the West Village, and Brooklyn Roasting Company in the Flatiron District. Eat Up New York has blown the lid off the top reasons to try nitro coffee this summer – that is if you can handle the caffeine buzz.

First off, it looks like a delicious ice-cold beer.

Nitro Coffee


The taste is a lot smoother, richer and less bitter than regular coffee.

Nitro Coffee

And since the taste is so smooth, there is really no need to add in any extra milk, soy milk or sugar.

If you’re lucky enough to find nitro coffee in a coffee shop, it will always be on tap.

Nitro coffee is made with actual nitrogen, which makes the coffee creamy-like and frothy.

Have you tried Nitro Coffee Yet?  Let us know.

Nitro Coffee


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