Watching Fireworks in NYC is an incredible experience. Seeing those gigantic fireworks exploding in the dark skies, lighting up the beautiful NYC Buildings, is breathtaking to say the least. So with that said, there’s no better place to watch fireworks on America’s Independence Day than in the nation’s unofficial capital, New York City. Okay, so we’ve established that. Now, where do you go to watch the city’s amazing Macy’s fireworks display?

East River for Fireworks in NYC 2015

This year, the fireworks in NYC will shoot over the East River from barges and the Brooklyn Bridge, according to NYC & Company, “New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization.” Since you need to claim your viewing spot hours before the 9 pm show, bring a picnic so you can relax and enjoy yourself while you wait. We suggest you get out an old-fashioned picnic basket, fill it with patriotic bites to eat — you know, like cupcakes with American flag toothpicks and similarly corny treats — or create your own gourmet twists on American classics, and head to one of these spots in the city:

From the Manhattan Side: 

Fireworks in NYC From the Street

The convenient thing about a picnic is that you can have it no matter where you end up. Carry your picnic basket and a blanket, and you’ll be ready to spread your meal anywhere, even in the street! There should be spots of FDR Drive where the public will be allowed to view the fireworks in NYC without structures blocking the way.

The South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport gives an amazing vantage point for the fireworks, plus you can take advantage of the shops, and activities of the venue, while you wait for the show to start. As long as you don’t open your picnic basket and lay out your spread in one of the bars or restaurants, you should be able to get away with setting up a mini picnic somewhere on the seaport’s grounds — it’s a holiday, after all!

From the Brooklyn Side: 

Fireworks in NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

This huge park has 85 acres of space where you can surely find a place to set up your picnic. The park’s grounds curve along the East River, so there are many spots throughout the park that will provide great fireworks in NYC viewing. Closest to the Brooklyn Bridge are the Empire Fulton Ferry, Fulton Ferry Landing and Main Street sections of the park. Nonetheless, you should still be able to catch the show from a slightly farther-away spot in one of the other park piers.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This walkway along the waterfront will give you prime views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the fireworks in NYC display. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the trees, the river, and the city skyline while you wait for the show to start, and you can set up your mini picnic if you can snag a spot on a bench or on the ground.

One of the best things about bringing a picnic basket is that you can throw your food in it and run if authorities tell you that you can’t take up the ground space! Overall, the best place for a true picnic, while waiting for the fireworks in NYC, is Brooklyn Bridge Park. The other spots are questionable, but we think you can make it work if you’re a little crafty! Will you leave the safety of your home to see the fireworks display in person? What will you have in your picnic basket? Let us know in the comments!

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