Figment NYC at Governors Island- I’m probably one of the few New Yorkers who truly loves the Summer in the City. Coney Island fireworks on Friday Nights, Lazy summer days lying on Brighton Beach catching the rays, outdoor movie nights, mini golf on the Hudson, free kayaking and of course Figment NYC. Figment NYC turns Governors Island into a magical, whimsical place full of thousands of art works , interactive sculptures and performances. Here no one will tell you not to touch the artwork, rather they will tell you to interact with it. It brings out and encourages your inner child while also being very child friendly with many art activities for them as well.

Figment NYC

Where did Figment NYC come from?

Figment NYC originally started in 2007 and returns every year on the same weekend to Governors Island. The Ferry leaves from 10 South Street in Lower Manhattan and is 2 dollars round trip. In recent years a water taxi service has been added. The art show itself is completely free but if you wish you can give a small donation.  Figment NYC is free from commercial sponsorship or advertisers as they want your experience to be uninterrupted.  There is nothing to buy at Figment NYC and they do not allow others to commercialize this event in any way.

Governors Island itself is fairly large with a magnificent view of the City’s skyline and was once home to the United States Coast Guard. It was a self -contained residential community for members of the coast guard and their families and you can see the empty remains of some of those buildings. Bike rentals are offered and I recommend it if you wish to take in the entire Island. You are free to picnic here as well. It is one of the most perfect places to spend a part of this weekend either with friends or family.

Figment NYC will be Saturday, June 6th from 10am-6pm and Sunday, June 7th from 10am-6pm

For more informatino about FIGMENT NYC visit their website

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