Consider this Eat Up New York’s graduation present to you, for your broken unemployed self we bring you, our guide to cheap eats in NYC!


As an addict of sushi but not always having the pockets for it, I know that finding tasty affordable sushi in the city is a struggle. Ennju makes some of the freshest and cheapest sushi around. Pro-Tip, although they have prepared rolls you can ask them to make any roll fresh for you. Their Katsu-Udon is also super popular, a pork cutlet with egg over rice.

Ennju Website
20 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003 

Cheap Eats NYC at Hit Korean Food and Deli

This hidden gem will surprise you! HIT Korean Food and Deli is located in what looks like the first floor of an apartment building, but they have amazing and authentic Korean food. I love getting the Bibimbap here, it comes with so many veggies, your choice of protein, a fried egg, rice, kimchi and soup! And all of that is less than $9! It is a lunchtime staple for me and the reason why it made it on our list of Cheap Eats in NYC.

Hit Korean Food and Deli – Website
150 West 28th St, New York, NY

Nice Green Bo

Nice Green Bo is home of the Chinatown restaurant that might skeeve you out a little bit but has totally authentic Shanghainese food. Is the service the best, no, is it the cleanest…definitely no. But you will be able to eat a massively delicious meal for under $15 per person. We said Cheap Eats in NYC and not Cleanest Eats in NYC.  Some must orders are their soup dumplings, their super crispy scallion pancakes and the eggplant in the garlic sauce or frankly anything in the garlic sauce.

Nice Green Bo – Website
66 Bayard Street, New York, NY

Crif Dogs – Cheap Eats in NYC

Don’t go with one of those dirt water dogs, which apparently some vendors are now charging up to $30! Crif Dogs cooks up some seriously awesome hot dogs that are catching everyone’s attention. Their hot dogs range from 4-7 dollars so you can even spring for some cheese fries and tots too! We love the Jon-Jon Deragon, a hotdog topped with a schmear of cream cheese, scallions and everything bagel seasoning, two new york classics unite!

Crif Dogs – Website
113 St. Marks Place, New York, NY

Do you have a favorite place for Cheap Eats in NYC that you think we should try?  Let us know.

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