In honor of National French Fry Day on July 13th, Eat Up New York is here to give you the ultimate low down on where you can snag the best french fries in the city. We’ve covered all shapes, sizes, variations etc., to give you the absolute and definitive list of where you should get your french fry on. Because who wants to waste time on a limp, non-crispy, soggy french fry? Definitely not I! And I don’t want you to either! Let’s honor this special occasion by stuffing our faces with the best french fries New York has to offer:

Must Visits on National French Fry Day

The Perfect French Fry: Bareburger

I love Bareburger for many reasons. They pride themselves on using organic, high quality, and sustainable ingredients, and they also make the perfect French fry. The organic burger joint’s fries are organic, all-natural, vegan and gluten free. And they are freaking delicious!

***And in honor of the National French Fry Day, Bareburger’s newest location, in Columbus Circle will be providing a FREE side of French Fries with purchase of another menu item.

Best Belgian Fry: Pomme Frites

So far in my quest to find the best fries, these have been my absolute favorite. These fries are thick with plenty of crunch and crispness. And thank goodness these fries are large, because the surface area is necessary for spooning up all of their sauces. Dipping fries into a good sauce is probably my favorite part of the French fry experience, so with almost 30 different sauces to choose from, I have to say that this place just gets me. Sadly, the original Pomme Frites was destroyed this past March by a massive explosion in a neighboring building. But with the support of an amazing community and loyal fans, they are pleased to announce their reopening this fall at 128 MacDougal Street, just south of Washington Square Park.

Runner Up: Home Frite, which can found at Smorgasburg every weekend


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Best crinkle cut French Fry: Shake Shack

A favorite amongst the Eat Up New York Crew for good reason. These ridged fries are perfectly crisp, and even hold up well under that famous gooey cheese sauce we love so much.

Best topped fry: Kimcheese Fries from Korilla BBQ

These waffles fries are smothered in sautéed kimchi, cheddar cheese sauce, scallions, nori. Definitely not your typical order of fries, they’re even better. And the waffle fries make for the perfect scooping shape to load all the toppings into one awesome bite.


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*Runner up: Lobster Cheese Fries from Red Hook Lobster

Best Non-Fry Fry: Chickpea Fries at Peacefood Café

Although not technically a french fry, these alternative fries deserve a spot on this list. These award winning fries are basically an Indian-spiced baked fry made with chickpea flour instead of potatoes. These “fries” are thick logs and could be compared to steak fries or even French toast sticks. They’re served with a tahini-like white sauce for dipping, and I beg to argue they’re just as addictive as any other French fry on this list.

Best Soufflé Style Fry: 21 Club

According to Meredith, our Eat Up New York Sustainable Eater, “The pomme soufflés that they serve are truly a special french fry.  they have a person in the kitchen dedicated to making sure that each one comes out perfectly.” A kind of magic happens in the making of these pommes soufflés, During a second, hotter round of frying, steam trapped inside the potatoes inflates them into delicate balloons.

Best Sweet Potato Fry: The Little Beet

Ok so maybe these aren’t truly french fries, but The Little Beet/The Beet Table make the world’s greatest sweet potatoes so I had to include them on this list. These are the perfect way to enjoy a sweet potato, in my opinion. The skin is left on and is roasted to perfect to get nice and crispy, while the inside has a juicy and rich carmelization oozing with every bite. we all wish we could create in our own homes. But until then, lets leave it the The Little Beet to make our sweet potato dreams come true.

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