Quinn Popcorn is our favorite new snack! If you love popcorn too, we’ve found your new obsession. You may have seen in the news recently all of the troubles with eating traditional microwave popcorn. It’s packed with chemicals, which are not just unhealthy but also cancerous. Well Quinn Popcorn is solving the issue of unknown ingredients all while making the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had!

Simple, Honest & Transparent

Quinn Popcorn starts with an idea about what food should be: simple, honest and transparent. They put that philosophy into practice and right on your store shelves with their snacks. Quinn Popcorn makes both Microwave Popcorn Reinvented and Farm-to-Bag pre-popped popcorn. Both options come in a few delicious and creative flavors. Head to http://quinnpopcorn.com to learn more about the farms supplying the ingredients for your bag of popcorn and more!

The first thing you may notice about the Microwave Popcorn Reinvented is the difference in their popcorn bag. Quinn Popcorn uses a Pure Pop Bag, which is solely made out of compostable paper. This is unlike traditional microwave popcorn bags that can contain chemicals, plastic liners and metal susceptors. The microwaved popcorn cooks in your standard microwave just the way any kind would, but the magic starts after you take the bag out of the microwave. First you open your bag and pour in their 1st pouch of expeller pressed sunflower oil. Next, sprinkle in the seasoning packet and finally shake that stuff up! Their popcorn comes in all sorts of amazing flavors. We love the parmesan and rosemary! They also make a Vermont maple and sea salt flavor that will replace your kettle corn with one taste. For traditionalists they also have a plain sea salt, and sea salt with REAL butter options.

Quinn Popcorn Farm to Bag

I personally tend to buy the pre-popped popcorn at the store more often and now Quinn Popcorn has their Farm-to-Bag for lazy snackers like me! This fluffy popcorn is perfect for packing in your lunch for school or work or just late night munching. Just like the microwave kind, Farm-to-Bag popcorn comes in some crazy delicious flavors. For this taste test I got help from the entire office and when the results came in, it was clear that we loved the kale and sea salt flavor the most! This kooky green superfood popcorn is dusted with powdered kale and other herbs that make it a little sweet and savory.

I am totally converted to only buying Quinn Popcorn from now on! And with simple, non-GMO ingredients (not to mention low-cal and high fiber) there is no reason not to change your snacking to incorporate these awesome kernels.

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