The Stand Comedy Club has changed my opinion on Comedy Clubs in NYC.  Comedy clubs were never my thing. All I knew about comedy clubs was that there are guys in Times Square throwing flyers at you and screaming “do you like to laugh?”  I would say most high school freshman are looking to go to the city and have “fun” after all that’s what all the adults do. Well, I was young and stupid once in my life and, a cheap comedy club sounded so COOL! That was a mistake that I have not forgotten.  Minimum on drinks, minimum on food and tortuous amateur comedy. I swore to never care about another comedy club again.

Like taste buds, ideas and opinions change as we get older. I will be honest, I was not sold on the lineup or decor or any of that stuff. It was the menu that got me. I saw spicy tuna cannoli’s and bone marrow dumplings and my bad Freshman year Comedy Club memories started to fade.

Leaving High School Behind
Enter The Stand Comedy Club

I figured Friday night would be a good night, so I made reservations  for the restaurant upstairs at 8:45pm, leaving about an hour to munch down as many tuna cannoli’s as possible before the 10pm show.
Kelsea, our waitress gave us a complete rundown on cocktails and food. I started with a Bulleit old fashioned and eased my way into some Jameson.

After a long look at the rather large menu. at The Stand Comedy Club, we were unsure and starving. We asked for a little of everything from the appetizers and we got so much more than just good food. Chef Oscar Robaina blessed our taste buds with an array of starters. Unfortunately the bone marrow dumplings were no longer on the menu but they were replaced with cheese burger dumplings. Spicy tuna cannoli’s, dumplings, and a lobster egg roll were the first course. The lobster egg roll was packed with Lobster!

the stand comedy club the stand comedy club the stand comedy club

Next came a huge bowl of squash soup that was one of my favorites, a definite must have.

the stand comedy club


The pièce de résistance was next. A crispy cheese bowl filled with truffle mac n cheese that happened to befriend a perfectly cooked salmon roll. Not salmon in a roll and not salmon in an eggroll like the Lobster. Imagine an egg roll but the crispy dough is made of perfectly cooked salmon and inside a sort of veggie slaw topped with a creamy white sauce.  An off the menu creation from Chef Oscar himself. I am not saying it is available, but it won’t hurt to ask. Honestly the best salmon I have ever had hands down.

the stand comedy club

Pleasantly full from the delicious meal we headed downstairs to where the comics perform. A great show put on by some more recognizable than others like Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock and Chris Distefano from Guy Code. Drinks and food are served throughout the entire show so don’t worry about getting hungry or thirsty.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Stand Comedy Club is an intimate restaurant with a small room downstairs making for some real in your face comedy. Be careful not to sit too close if you are afraid of being picked on a bit from the performers. Prices for the show are very cheap and reasonable. Food and drink prices are not cheap but not too pricey either. Drinks were $13 for their cocktails. Appetizers range from $7 to $16, all creative and filling. Entrees, $15 to $25. Unfortunately there was no room for dessert but their Nutella fondue pot sounded like something I wanted a lot of. All said and done I had great food, great drinks and saw an awesome show! Don’t forget to ask about that salmon roll!!!

For more information on The Stand Comedy Club check out their website

We only live once so make sure it tastes good!



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