Toriko NY, the first U.S. location of one of the top Japanese yakitori and wine concepts in Greenwich Village from Tokyo Restaurants Factory (MIFUNE New York, sushi AMANE), celebrates their one-year anniversary with a specialty tasting menu offered from August 20th through September 1st.

The team at Toriko NY places Chef de Cuisine Manabu Asanuma, previously of MIFUNE New York, at the grill alongside Sous Chef Irene Sy, who previously worked with Masaharu Morimoto.  The pair use custom electric grills, eliminating the typical charcoal flavor when preparing the different yakitori selections.

The $100 Anniversary Menu plates seven courses spotlighting dishes such as Porcini Kinpira with poached egg and truffle lotus root foam; Lobster Ginger Chawanmushi with grilled lobster and lobster foam; the signature yakitori offerings with four select chicken skewers, two vegetable skewers and a Tsukune or chicken meatball; Grilled Duck Breast with cognac black pepper sauce and Oshi Seared Miyazaki Wagyu served with wonton soup; and a light Strawberry Mochi for a sweet ending to the meal.

Toriko NY will also be serving their set of new tasting menus with the Omakase Course at $85, Kushiyaki Course at $65 and Yakitori Course at $45 as well as a la carte options like their new Oshi sushi options with Pressed Unagi Eel rolls and Fatty Tuna Takuan Radish rolls at the bar.

The tasting menus and a la carte options can be complemented with Toriko’s array of global wines and sakes as well as any of their rotating Japanese-inspired cocktails such as the Shochu Sour withAlakey Shochu, and sudachi juice.

LOCATION: 76 Carmine Street, New York, NY, 10014


PHONE: 646-596-8198

INSTAGRAM: @torikony


Dinner:Tues. – Sun. 5PM – 11:00PM

Lunch: Tues. – Sun. 11:30AM – 3PM

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