Marble Dessert Bar  

27 Bedford Street, West Village
(646) 919-0879
The West Village is about to get a whole lot sweeter with Marble Dessert Bar, a 14-seat boutique/fine-dining dessert bar from Chefs Eugenio Mauro Pompili and Maya Sittisuntorn, who have each worked globally at Michelin-starred restaurants and were most recently corporate chefs for ChikaLicious Dessert Bar in Shanghai, China. 

Marble will offer specialty coffee with casual pastries during the early part of the day (M-F 8am-3pm), and in the evening, a prix-fixe dessert experience (amuse bouche, main dessert of your choice, palette cleanser, and petit fours), where the Chefs personally prepare your dessert right in front of you, offered with a wine pairing option (3pm-10pm).  The chef couple’s vision is expressed in each plate with a using a combination of fresh,
seasonal, and sometimes unusual ingredients.  


La Contenta Next Door
106 Norfolk Street, Lower East Side
(212) 254-8327
La Contenta has built a devoted following for its authentic Mexican menu and agave cocktails, first at 102 Norfolk Street, then at La Contenta Oeste, at 78 West 11th Street in the West Village. This Fall, the team delves further into their Mexican roots at the new La Contenta Next Door.
The La Contenta concepts are the heartfelt labor of two Mexican-born partners, in which their considerable New York experience will continue to shape their tribute to Mexican culinary and mixological customs.
Chef Owner Luis Arce Mota is from Mazatlán; he serves a traditional menu, with technique influenced by his Cordon Bleu and CIA training. Mixologist Partner Alex Valencia is from Jalisco, the world center of agave; he offers a robust range of agave and alt-agave spirits, respecting age-old customs, in on-trend cocktails.

At La Contenta Next Door, in addition to Chef Mota’s outstanding menu, guests will find a deeply knowledgeable offering of Mexican mixology. Alex Valencia will present a richly-sourced concept of bebidas ancestrales (ancestral drinks), incorporating traditional pre-Hispanic ingredients such as tepache (fermented pineapple skin), nopal, huitlacoche and pulque, and some cocktails will incorporate tinctures and shrubs made from
exclusively imported Mexican herbs and plants. Lesser-known agave spirits such as bacanora, raicilla and sotol will be served, in addition to an acclaimed selection of fine Mexican wine and beers found nowhere else in New York. La Contenta Next Door will also feature a proprietary mezcal from Durango, distilled in a collaborative partnership. 
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