From our Friends at OurHarvest: August is here, which means that it’s officially Caprese season! The recent heat has been very good to our farmers’ tomato crops, and we have so many beautiful and delicious options to choose from. When composing the perfect Caprese salad, we love using Norwich Meadows’ gorgeous organic heirlooms with some of Wickham’s sweet and juicy sungolds thrown in for good measure. Pro tip: don’t forget to season well! A generous sprinkling of sea salt on the tomatoes and a drizzle of our incredible extra virgin olive oil from OMED will take your Caprese from blah to bellissima! Want to take your Caprese a bit further? Our caprese pasta salad meal kit is always a crowd pleaser.

Fresh Mozzarella – Maplebrook Farms
Heirloom Tomatoes – Norwich Meadows Farm
Basil – Phillips Farm
Caprese Pasta Salad Meal Kit – OurHarvest

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