Julie and I were invited to the preview for Oxido, a soon to be burrito sensation off of Madison Square Park. This burrito bar is sure to give your favorite spot a run for their money. The real delight at Oxido is all of their options, tons of them! They had a total of 5 different protein options (not including beans) and 6 difference sauces! Luckily on this night I was able to try a few different combinations and here are the things I liked the most.

Bring on the Beef at Oxido

If you are a meat eater I would suggest trying the Chili Lime Carnitas at Oxido, they rock! Totally flavorful and tender, they make the perfect building block for any taco, burrito or bowl. Try their New Mexican Beef Curry for an interesting twist on bold traditional flavors. Different than other burrito places, Oxido makes their own Queso Blanco sauce. That’s right homemade queso blanco, and this is the most perfect cheese sauce, not to rich, it actually tastes like cheese and it is perfectly spiced. They also have the option of black beans or pintos. I went for the pinto beans, they are stewed with bacon, tomatoes, spices and love just the right combination to warm your soul.


Vegetarian Options at Oxido

If you are a vegetarian, Oxido is cooking up some Red Chili Mushrooms for your meal that really have a kick! The Salsa Cruda was my favorite sauce to add on top of anything on the menu. This salsa is made from tomatillos and has a distinctly vinegary taste that will cut through the spice.


Oxido abides by a strict philosophy that all of their dishes should be made from scratch, and you can taste the difference! They also only buy meat that has been raised free-range and on a vegetarian diet without hormones or antibiotics. So you can feel good while you chow down!

Oxido is conveniently located at 18 West 23rd Street, just west of Madison Square Park. It’s sure to become an Eat Up New York favorite for lunch!

For More information on Oxido check out their website

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