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Hottest Stationery TrendsYou put a great deal of thought and care into every aspect of your dishes and service. To complete your positive impression on clientele, consider the impact of a well put-together stationery set. Quality stationery can communicate the feel of your restaurant before guests ever arrive and show that you have gone above and beyond all expectations.

In a world where it seems that everything has gone digital and disposable, tactile items have more heft and meaning than ever before. A thank you text from a restaurant is deleted with a glance. A thank you note written on creamy, high-quality stationery is held, read and passed to family and friends. Often, it is saved as a keepsake of a special event. By creating items your valued customers can hold in their hands, you create a stronger bond with your business and a better impression of your quality and care. Not only can these thoughtful letters, notes and gifts build stronger impressions of your business with your current customers; they can help win new customers with those who see the thought and attention you bring to every communication.

Hottest Stationery Trends

There are as many stationery looks available as there are restaurants. And, each restaurant will find a choice that fits their ambiance and character.

High end restaurants in particular can benefit from custom stationery for their businesses. This year’s trends include many exciting directions that can fit any restaurant’s look and feel. Be on the lookout for:

Minimalist & Industrial Stationery

Minimalist and Industrial

Metallic papers echo the feel of cool glass and exposed metal. Silver envelopes can be printed with your restaurant’s logo and contact information. The 80 pound paper feels heavy and indulgent in customers’ hands. Use silver for every element, or pair it with a solid color for a two-toned coordinating effect.

Rustic Charm Stationery

Rustic Charm

Country settings and rustic cuisine call for a stationery set that matches the welcoming warmth.’s Grocery Bag line is made from sturdy brown paper that evokes the feeling of old fashioned shopping bags. Pair the rustic paper with pretty florals or country motifs. Hand-written notes are especially charming when paired with this paper style.

Classic Elegance Stationary

Classic Elegance

There’s a reason black tie is the dress code for the most elegant events. Extend that class and glitz to all of your communications with LUX black paper. These midnight black envelopes come in a range of sizes and shapes to match any use. Then, set it off with clean and crisp white print.

Stationery Items to Include in Your Set

When you flip through catalogs or look online, there are an overabundance of products to choose from. How do you decide which ones will be an asset to your establishment? A few of the top picks to start with:

Stationery Items to Include in Your Set

Letterhead and envelopes. All official communications with big clients and vendors looks better when they come on your official stationery. Send letters to respond to customer issues, write to vendors to negotiate costs and supplies or send out promotional letters to large clients who may make catering or other contracts with your establishment. We like economical yet stylish paper in 24 pound stock. Choose classic Bright White, or delve into a range of hues that fit the palette of your establishment. Pair your pick with matching envelopes.

Thank you notes. Nothing beats the warmth of a hand-written thank you note. When a customer books a special event like a wedding, birthday or anniversary with you, send a personalized thank you note to let them know how honored you are that they shared their day with you. Standard folded cards are available in a range of colors and are just the right size for a personal note. Order envelopes to match.

Custom printed gift certificates, envelopes and gift card sleeves. Make a gift of a meal on your establishment even more special. There’s something about the feel of high quality paper that adds to the anticipation of a night out. Opening presents is a pleasure when they come inside these gift card sleeves or gift certificate envelopes.

Tip envelopes. Some clients are uncomfortable leaving cash on the table. Give them an elegant way to take care of your service staff with custom printed tip envelopes. These silver envelopes make the perfect vessel for discreet shows of appreciation to your staff.

Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Stationery

Stationery, of course, is only useful to your business when it is used. If you have not used custom paper products for your business in the past, you and your staff will need to develop habits to see that they are getting your message out into the world. To ensure that you get the most out of your restaurant’s stationery:

Remind serving staff about gift cards and certificates. Servers can mention that the cards are available.

Make thank you notes a weekly habit. On a set day every week, look at your reservations for the week that just passed and see who had a major event at your restaurant.

Learn customers’ anniversaries and birthdays. A quick note will be appreciated and give them an inspiration on where to share their special event.

By ingraining these sorts of written communications into your business’s culture, you can ensure that they go out on a regular basis. By sending letters, notes and promotions on quality stationery, you can expand your reach and wow your patrons.

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