After 21 years working in corporate America, Roberta hit the ground running with one cookie recipe and with the hope to continue to spread her mother’s love for years to come.

Audrey, Roberta’s Mother, is the inspiration for Audrey’s Cookies. Roberta recalls that when she was growing up her house always smelled like freshly baked cookies. That even at the last minute, before company arrived or before they ran out the door, Audrey was plating cookies or packing them into Tupperware for friends. Even as a pharmacist, Audrey always made time to spread her love and do so with cookies. And although medicine was her profession, Audrey always said that the best prescription was a cookie.

Today the cookies are still spreading love beyond the cookie jar.  Of each cookie sold a percent goes towards Starlight Foundation, which helps to support kids and their families through the hardest times. Starlight aims to improve the lives of children and families around the world be offering support in hospitals and at home. To learn more about Starligh Foundation Check out their website for more information.

The Flavors of Audrey’s Cookies

The original Audrey’s Cookie is their chocolate chip toffee pecan, the same cookie Roberta ate with her childhood friends crowded around her kitchen counter. Of course you can get the classic, but Audrey’s Cookies also has 7 more heart-warming flavors. One of my personal favorites was the peanut butter and jelly cookie! This cookie to me is pure childhood bliss, the soft and sugary peanut butter cookie has a spoonful of raspberry jam in the center.

Audrey's Cookies

In the beginning stages of the business Roberta was making as many as 10,000 cookies in the three-week period leading up to the Holidays. Since then, Audrey’s Cookies has grown and now Roberta has help not only making the cookies but distributing. You can now find Audrey’s Cookies in Whole Foods in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.  Hopefully with the buzz surrounding Audrey’s Cookies and the amazing instagram photos of them, we’ll be able to get these sweet treats to New York soon!

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