Say Hello To Your New Corner Coffee Shop…Your MAILBOX

There’s a cool buzz surrounding a hot new trend in coffee stirring up the way we drink our morning brew. As cold-brew coffee continues to grow in popularity, there are a few innovative companies roasting up this next big trend in coffee: DIY cold brew coffee kits, which has the potential to be a game changer in the way we order our morning coffee.

This new trend vows: No more waiting in long lines at the corner coffee shop. No more dealing with indignant baristas. No more over-paying at the coffee pump. It’s literally as simple as – click and brew.

DIY Cold Brew Kits Are Coffee’s Next Big Roast

“It’s like having your own personal barista in the comfort of your own home or office who gets your order right – every time!” said Marc Turkowitz, Founder of ReallyCoolCoffee. “Who doesn’t like the sound of that?”

Two burgeoning players in the do-it-yourself cold brew “coffeesphere” creating DIY kits are ReallyCoolCoffee and Grady’s Cold Brew. Simply place the order online and have it delivered straight to your mailbox.

ReallyCoolCoffee is brewing up the coffee hack of the 21st century. What began as a campaign on Kickstarter has turned into a fully funded coffee start-up. ReallyCoolCoffee delivers DIY cold brew coffee goodness straight to your doorstep. In two easy steps you have a perfectly brewed cup of joe. First, you submerge the cold-brew coffee filter bags into water. Let steep for 12-18 hours. And then remove the bags and enjoy fresh cold-brew coffee all week. It’s smooth and not bitter like most coffee.

And ReallyCoolCoffee is the official coffee for Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf on NBC. What’s not really cool about that?

Grady’s Cold Brew, another company vying for your coffee attention offers a cold brew coffee concentrate or bean bags so you can make your own cold-brew coffee 24/7. Grady’s Cold Brew is a New Orleans-style coffee, which simply means it’s roasted with chicory. It’s brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

“Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bags are a DIY kit that lets anyone make a week’s worth of cold-brewed iced coffee fresh at home,” said Grady Laird, President and Co-founder of Grady’s Cold Brew.”

I found both ReallyCoolCoffee and Grady’s Cold Brew to be a huge time and money saver. As an avid coffee enthusiast and a young woman living in New York City, I’m always looking for ways to save money, especially on everyday items.

Using these DIY cold brew kits at home is sure to save you a considerable amount of money. We took the time to do the math for you based on the assumption that you are like us and order coffee 7 days a week (at the minimum).

Illustrated here using ReallyCoolCoffee:

8-pack = coffee for 8 weeks = $49 = 80-120 cups of coffee


Traditional coffee shop

Coffee for 8 weeks = approx. $3 a cup = 56 cups of coffee = $168

As you can see, that’s a significant savings and you don’t even need to curb your caffeine habit just think of how you’re going to spend that extra money you’ll be saving.

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