So this past Sunday I was faced with picking a place to enjoy some Sunday Football, good food, and of course some good beer. My decision; Rogue Bar NYC. For the most part I always base my decision off the appetizer selections on the menu, along with the beer selection, and Rogue Bar had everything I was craving. We headed to Rogue Bar around 1:30 in hopes to get a table to sit at and catch what was left of the 1 o’clock games.

The second we walked through the door we were asked for ID. Oh how it makes me feel young again when they ask… After that the hostess asked if we wanted a table or to sit at the bar. We said table and bam sat right then and there. I will say I think it was the last table so we got lucky. There are two levels to Rogue Bar and from what it seemed, the top level was for the bigger groups to sit.  The atmosphere at Rogue Bar was awesome. Picture your favorite college sports bar and then subtract all the immature kids who make your time there miserable. They have 14 flatscreen TV’s and projection screens. They had basically every game on and they label each TV with what game they have on that TV. So now you don’t have to look like the weirdo squinting across the room thinking you have bionic vision trying to read the team abbreviations off the screen.

We started off drinking a 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. We paired these awesome craft beers with a basket of Fries, Nachos with chili, and Chicken Fingers. Our appetizers came out pretty fast considering how many people where there. Everything came out steaming and smelling delicious. From this point on I could tell I was not going to be sharing the Nachos. They just looked way too good. The fries were just as good as well but I was pre occupied still with the Nachos. As for the chicken fingers, well they were incredible also. From the looks of them they appeared to be home made which always makes for the best chicken fingers. After we devoured all this food instead of ordering more food we did what any American would do, order more beer! After that the rest is history.

Nachos with Beef Chili from Rogue Bar NYC

Nachos with Beef Chili

Regular Ol' Fries from Rogue NYC

Regular Ol’ Fries

Chicken Fingers from Rogue Bar NYC

Chicken Fingers

Overall I would recommend Rogue Bar to anyone who is looking for some good food and drinks paired with some sports. The atmosphere was great, our waitress was awesome and extremely nice, and we had a great time. The only thing I would have to say negative if you even want to use the word “negative” is that they need to get more woman in the restaurant. It was filled with about 90% men. Now I did not notice it at first but one of my buddies brought it to my attention but in no way did that ruin our time there!

Rogue Bar NYC
757 6th Ave., New York, NY 10010
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