“The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year,” says everyone except the post grads living in New York City, realizing their pay checks barely cover rent, let alone gifts for family and friends. But if you’ve been able to put a little aside in the spirit of the holidays, the next challenge is finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list (…that isn’t a pair of socks or another impersonal gift card). Over the next two weeks I’ll be compiling a list of perfect holiday gifts for everyone.

The obvious place to start is your parents. They raised you and put up with you for this long. It’s about time they receive some appreciation. (They also allowed me to move thousands of miles from, so yes they deserve more than a phone call this season).

 Part 1 of My Perfect Holiday Gifts for Everyone List – Your Parents

  • First on my list are candles, but not just any old candles. These candles from Rewined are one of a kind. Each soy-candle has been handcrafted from a re-purposed wine bottle. Staying with the wine theme, each candle evokes your favorite wine aromas, ranging in flavor varieties from Merlot to Riesling. And don’t miss seasonal flavors, such as Wine Under the Tree, Carmenere, and Spiked Cider. They can be found online at West Elm for $22 each.
Perfect Holiday GIfts

Rewined Candle

  • I know at least my parents and all their friends have latched onto the kindle/Ipad obsession. What’s better than personalizing their favorite gadget with a unique cover that will keep it protected and stylish? This site gives you a full range of ideas and styles that will not doubt please your tech loving parents, as well as your wallet. Styles beginning at just $7!
Perfect Holiday Gifts

Personalized iPad Case-covers

  • Maybe your parents are trying to kick their coffee habit? Maybe not? Well either way, it’s still nice to have an alternative to coffee for those cold mornings when you’d like something hot to sip on, but not desperate for a major jolt of caffeine. David’s Teas has an incredible variety of teas ranging from herbals (no caffeine) to stronger flavors. And right now they have festive holiday collections, making it easy for you to find the perfect holiday gifts. Check out their site, holiday collections starting at $19.50.
Perfect Holiday GIfts

David’s Tea Holiday Collection

  • If you’re lucky enough to be home for the holidays, why not give the gift of bringing the whole family together, and not just around the dinner table. With this game of Charades, specifically geared towards the family, you’ll have a ton of fun without spending too much or trying too hard! Sold at Uncommon Goods for only $26.
Perfect Holiday Gifts

Family Charades

And if you really want to be the best daughter or son this holiday, give your parents the ultimate holiday gift of a getaway to help them escape reality for even just a night or two. Groupon has many deals starting at $19 for getaways in Las Vegas, South Carolina and all over the country!

Perfect Holiday Gifts

Fiesta Rancho Casino & Hotel – A little off the Strip

Shopping for parents can always be difficult, but hopefully this list gives will give you some ideas and help make shopping a breeze this season! And remember, it’s not the gift itself that matters, so much as the thought behind it. So this year, instead of splurging too much on unnecessary items, think about what would mean the most (and of course what is within your budget).

Check back here soon for the Perfect Holiday Gifts to get every type of friend on your list!

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