Dust off your old Santa suit from the back of your closet, Santacon NYC 2014 is coming to town! The big question this year is, where is it?? As of right now, the location of Santacon NYC 2014 is undetermined. I found some information on location issues, so you’re not completely in the dark. Just think of me as Rudolph leading your sleigh through a foggy Christmas Eve.

I also summarized the basics of everything else you need to know about the big day. This way you’ll have time to put your Santa suit together!

The Mystery on the Location of Santacon NYC 2014

There has been quite a debate with the location of Santacon NYC 2014. The event usually takes place in the East Village of Manhattan, but after some wild Santacons in the past years, bars in the East Village decided to opt out.

Then there was rumor about Santacon moving to Brooklyn, but that stirred up some issues too. The Gothamist reported that Santacon officials proposed the idea to Bushwick Park, but a number of bars came forward right away dismissing the idea of a Santacon. Maybe because they make good revenue on their own? Or maybe because they don’t want Santa themed fights, chaos and public urination going on around them? Who knows, but whatever the case may be, the community board is still up in the air about it.

So, Santacon NYC 2014 officials have decided to keep all the anxious Santa’s on their toes. By signing up for their text alerts, Santacon goers will receive a text on the eve of Santacon. If you want to be in the know, text “Follow Santacon” to 40404. Or follow them on Twitter, @santacon.

What You Need to Know about Santacon NYC 2014

Santacon takes place this Saturday, Dec. 13 at 10 am. Rain or snow, Santa still delivers presents on Christmas Eve, so don’t let any bad weather stop you. The official Santacon website has these following guidelines for participants. It’s called the Santa’s Code:

  • Full head-to-toe Santa costume is required for participation
  • Be as Santa-like as you can: that means being jolly, nice, safe, good to kids and respectful
  • Be respectful towards police, who will be at every bar
  • Drink responsibly
  • Always follow the tweets for when to change locations: do not linger at previous stops

Don’t let the power of alcohol turn you into the Grinch! Santa spreads Christmas cheer and as an honorary Santa for a day, it’s your job to do that too!

Santacon is also asking participants to donate $10 or more. These proceeds go to charities like Food Bank for NYC, Figment Arts, World Hoop Day, Brooklyn Food Coalition, Dance Parade and other local charities. Donating will definitely help you get in that Santa mindset.

Have fun this weekend at Santacon NYC 2014! Maybe I’ll see you there (I’ll be wearing a red suit and a white beard)!


Photo Credit: Mack Male

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