NYC Healthy Lunch Spots

In a previous article, I’ve talked about how tough it is to get lunch “right” especially for us busy New Yorkers, working non-stop, and the next door deli is the best option. But if you’ve committed to a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, or just feel ready to amp up your diet, I’ve got great news for you. New York City is one of the easiest cities to eat healthy in. So sorry to break it to you, but you’ve got no excuse! Don’t worry though, I’m going to do my best to make this healthy thing easy. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite NYC healthy lunch spots, and you may be surprised to find one right by your office!

*Online ordering available at most locations. Waiting in lines is so 2014…

Part 1 of our list of NYC Healthy Lunch Spots

Dig Inn, “Farm to Counter”

This place has been a popular spot in NYC for a while now, but here’s the lowdown in case you’ve missed it. What sets this fast-casual lunch spot apart from the rest is their focus on farm fresh, sustainable ingredients. And even for its quality, it’s surprisingly affordable! For about $11 bucks, you can get a big market plate with your choice of protein and two veggie sides. How about some spicy meatballs, roasted sweet potatoes, and kale apple salad medley?

NYC Healthy Lunch Spots

With ten locations all over Manhattan, there is most likely one right near your office, with an order online option to make it a quick and easy pick up! Dig Inn also offers delivery options at most locations. Check their website for the closest location to you.
Sweet Green, making Salad cool.

With now four locations around New York, you have no reason to feel “fomo” of all of your DC friends enjoying their delicious, and chef-designed creations from Sweet Green. You do have the choice of creating your own salad with tons of options to choose from, but with a variety of chef-designed creations ready to choose from, why bother? They’ve done the hard work, now you can simply enjoy. Sweet Green is also careful about where they source their ingredients, trying to keep everything as local as possible. Even a blackboard is displayed at each location, indicating which local farms the kale and broccoli are coming farm.


Check out their website with locations, and download their app for their rewards program. Of course there’s a salad app in 2015…

Keep an eye out for our follow up post with some of our other NYC Healthy Lunch spots including Hu Kitchen, Fresh and Co, and Dimes


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