5 of the Worst people to party with during New Years Eve in Manhattan.

Going out and celebrating New Years Eve in Manhattan means you’re most likely going to run into people from every walk of life. This can be a gift or a curse depending on what your New Years Eve agenda is. It could turn into finding your “soul mate” or “your biggest regret” or even friends who you will never spend New Years Eve with again. Either way we have put together a list of the the 5 worst people to party with during New Years Eve in Manhattan. Let’s face it, alcohol can bring out the best in you, unless your best is your worst and if that’s the case, you most likely will find yourself somewhere on this list.

1. The My Phone was Glued to My Hand at Birth Person

These types of people will most likely be making swipe down motions rather frequently on their phones. In reality what they are doing is refreshing Instagram and Facebook every 20 seconds. Conversations with these people usually last a whopping 10 seconds and consist of words like yea, yup, mhmm. If you spot a person like this, you should most likely break away because that 10 second conversation is about the best thing you are going to get out of them.

2. Excuse-moi. Est-ce que tu embrasses les inconnus? Non? Donc, je me présente.

For those who don’t know French, what that says is “Excuse me, do you kiss strangers? No? Then let me introduce myself.” Every New Years Eve party has that person who lurks all night striking conversations with everyone and has one goal in mind. How many people will let me me french kiss them after the ball drops. If that is not what you are into, than I suggest you take note of that person and find yourself far away come 12:00am

3. The Twelve O’ Twoer

You can spot a Twelve O’ Twoer by standing by the door at 12:01am and you will see them approaching the door and executing a full blown exit strategy. Twelve O’Twoers are there strictly to have a New Years Eve Story, not deny your invitation, say they had a blast, and be in bed by 12:10am. If you plan on partying all night and morning I suggest weeding out the Twelve O’ Twoers because you are going to end up dancing in the mirror with your self because nobody else is left.

4. The Bench Warmer

A bench warmer on New Years Eve is not that terrible of a person to hangout with but they are also not the best. A Bench Warmer is most likely to sit the entire party, pounding beers and telling you the champagne is cheap and they prefer more upscale champagne. They have no problem sitting by themselves the entire time as long as they have a drink and some snacks nearby. They will engage in conversation if presented but will not go above and beyond. You can consider them your 3rd, maybe 4th, string option. 

5. Do You Need Help Cleaning? No? Ok. Can I get you another drink?

Oh how many times have you ran into this person? Um, every year! Every year you have that person who never wants to leave. If a person was waving a big sign in front of them saying to go home they would still miss the hint. They think by asking if you need help cleaning up they are buying themselves some more time to drink and hang. You, as the host, want nothing more than to tell them to go home its 5 in the morning but you feel bad because its your boyfriend/husbands best friend from childhood. They drive you to the point where you are giving them every possible hint and sign that it’s time to go home and eventually (after all the drinks are gone) they go home.

We hope you have a great New Years Eve, as well a safe one, and we hope this key guide provides you with some insight to make your night better!

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