Just like Julie, I have recently become totally addicted to podcasts and I have my own food podcasts that I love listening to on my walk to work or riding the subway. Most of the food podcasts I listen to have great cooking advice and interviews with awesome chefs. I thought I would give you a run down of my four favorite food podcasts and what some of their most recent episodes were about. All of these food podcasts are available on iTunes for free downloads.

My Top Food Podcasts

Bon Appetit

The Bon Appetit podcast comes out at the beginning of each month and they usually feature one or two of the articles that have come out in that month’s issue of the magazine. The host of the podcast is the charming Adam Rapoport, the editor-in-chief of the magazine. In the most recent episode Adam Rapoport talks to Chef Joshua McFadden from Portland’s Ava Gene. Bon Appetit has been teaching to cook like a pro and in this episode they talk about how to prepare a salad like a pro. I won’t ruin it for you but McFadden has some great advice, including preparing your salad like you would nachos, with lots of layers. In the second half of the episode Rapoport checks in with Ike Barinholtz of The Mindy Project. Bon Appetit sent Barinholtz on a mission to spend the weekend in Las Vegas like a food critic would. Barinholtz and his wife were sent to 10 different eateries over the course of 2 days and definitely ate way more than their fill, and then some. This story was hilarious! Check it out!

Chewing The Fat

This podcast is named for the hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng “Chu-Eng”… “Chewing” get it? Their most recent episode is about pleasure and eating and how the two fit together. The episode has 3 main parts, the first being the infamous French ortolan, and the future of the dish. Next they speak with Maria Rodale, daughter of the couple who are accredited to being the first family of healthy living. They talk to her about where health and pleasure in dining intersect and how those two things shape her families diet now. Finally Eng and Chu interview Chef Marco Pierre White, who is equally as famous for receiving 3 Michelin stars as well as making Gordon Ramsey cry. Pierre White talks about what makes up a pleasurable meal for him these days and how although it was his dream to be awarded the 3 stars, the pain it took to get there. I found this episode thought provoking and interesting, I highly suggest it. Listen Here.

The Sporkful

The Sporkful episodes are only about 25 minutes each, while most on this list are about 1 hour, but each episode dives deep into a topic and the most recent episode left me hungry! In the episode from this Monday Dan Pashman, the host, checks out different doughnuts coast to coast. In the end though, sticking true to NY, Dan describes that the doughnuts from Peter Pan in Brooklyn truly are above and beyond! This episode had me dreaming of doughnuts through my workday! Other recent episodes talk about eating in the office courtesies and the CIA cafeteria suggestion box, both very funny. Listen to The Sporkful

America’s Test Kitchen

America’s test kitchen has the best home chef advice of any of the podcasts I listen to. It is a recorded radio show and you can listen the host, Chris Kimball, answer callers various cooking questions. Each week they also review at least 2 different kitchen utensils, telling you which one to buy and which one to skip. And even on top of that, they usually have 1 to 2 more stories. The most recent episode carried a story from the previous episode regarding the possible plan for 6 people to live on Mars starting in 2025 and what they would eat, grow and drink on Mars! The second story in the episode that I found interesting was regarding blended red wines, specifically from Sicily and the benefits of a blended wine. I always come away learning a lot from each episode of America’s Test Kitchen. Listen to America’s Test Kitchen

Check out these podcasts and let me know what you think! Have any favorites not listed here? Shoot me an email and I’ll check them out!

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