Mason jars, Paleo friendly cuisine, and bone broth are three of the hottest food trends right now. And you will find them all at Indie Fresh at the Gotham West Market. This healthy food concept offers fresh soups, broths, and other treats, all sold in an adorable mason jar that you get to keep. All foods are chef prepared with a focus on nutritional value and shelf stability. Think high protein, high energy, low calorie, and low sugar. All of the ingredients used are natural and their products are free of gluten and dairy.

Indie Fresh

Where did Indie Fresh come from?

Former COO of one of New York’s favorite juice shops, Juice Press, Shom Chowdhury launched Indie Fresh with Akhtar Nawab, who’s currently the executive chef at Choza Taqueria, this past November.   And recently Indie Fresh transitioned their pop up to a permanent storefront at Gotham West Market.

After working at Juice Press, Chowdhury found that customers struggled to figure out how to maintain a healthy diet after detoxing with juice cleanses. His solution – the Paleo diet and creating soups that were the perfect balance between the substance he needed and the ease he craved. He turned to long-time friend Nawab for culinary creativity and so began their delicious adventure.

But How is the Food at Indie Fresh?

I went over to Gotham West Market the other day to check out Indie Fresh myself and sample some of the goods they’re cooking up. It happened to be, yet again, a dreary day in the city, and bone broth sounded perfect. As a former non-meat eater it’s crazy I’m about to say this, but I cannot get enough of bone broth! And lucky for me, neither can Indie Fresh! And for all of my health conscious readers out there, this broth is overflowing with benefits. Low in sodium but rich in collagen, this broth claims to give you everything from shinier hair to dewier complexions. Broth is the new black for health and beauty-conscious types across the city. Indie Fresh carries four different flavors; Ginger Chicken, Mushroom Dashi, Pho Beef, and Smoked Vegetable.

Indie Fresh

After sampling a few, my favorite without a doubt, was the Pho Beef Bone Broth. Made with fish sauce, ginger, onions, mint, and cilantro, I had never tasted anything quite like it. I also tried the Broccoli Coconut Hemp Curry soup, which was, just as it sounds, overflowing with flavors, in the best way. I’m looking forward to going back and trying some of their salads, smoothies, and mashes. One mash in particular intrigues me, the Mylk Serial, made with Paleo Granola, Indie Fresh Almond Mylk, and Almond Butter. Wow.

All of Indie Fresh’s creations are made with good-for-you ingredients as well as meats sourced from Pat LaFrieda. They have vegan options as well to please anyone’s dietary needs.

Like I said before, each items comes packaged as an individual serving in mason jars, making it easy for you to take on the go, pop into the microwave, for a quick and nutritious lunch.

For true stock devotees, and those too far for a quick pick up at Gotham West Market, everything is available online for delivery. For more information on their products and services, check out the Indie Fresh website


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