Bluestone Lane Collective is the picture perfect cafe in the West Village. Inspired with Australian flare, Bluestone Lane Collective café offers a unique menu that could not have been more up my alley. Its natural farm-to-table breakfast and lunch cuisine offers a wholesome meal for their customers. They also take great pride in their quality coffee they serve along with your meal.

When we arrived at Bluestone Lane Collective, the front room (perfect for stalking street traffic) was filled. We sat in the back room, which was a much more intimate space for a lunch date. Filled with cozy tables and benches with pillows we sat down next to the large bay window that let in the daytime light.

Balthazar at Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe

My Mom and I stared at the menu for awhile debating what to order. The Avocado Smash and the Smoked Salmon toastie both caught my eye. Balthazar toast is to die for (and one of the one baguettes I really ever crave) and a variety of Bluestone Lane’s dishes are served on Balthazar toast – score! My Mom was struggling between the Portobello Mushrooms and the Plat toastie.

After asking our waitress for her expertise, I went with the Avocado Smash. I do consider myself an Avocado Toast connoisseur but when I tasted the Avocado Smash at Bluestone Lane – wow! I could not believe how rich in flavor it was. Laying in a pool of evoo was my Balthazar toast with tahini dressing and avocado with squeezed lemon on top. I took one bite and was in heaven. The crispiness of the toast on evoo and smashed with delicious avocado and tahini was a match made in heaven. The holy grail of Avocado Toast is here.

Bluestone Lane Collective

My Mom went with the Plat toastie with crispy prosciutto, smashed avocado and aioli. She absolutely loved hers as well, although we couldn’t quite figure out what made the prosciutto crispy. Was it just the bread toasted? Or was the prosciutto supposed to be crispy? Either way both of our plates were wiped clean and we were satisfied.

Bluestone Lane Collective

I looked over at the other tables around us where most of the guests enjoyed the Avocado Smash amongst some of the eggs dishes offered. Each customer looked just as satisfied as we did.

We thoroughly enjoyed our classic Australian café experience and cannot wait to return try more of their delicious offerings (particularly the Buckwheat Banana Bread and Smoked Salmon toastie).

For more information on Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe check out their website

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