Barrio Chino NYC is an awesome spot, on the lower east side, to go with a small group of friends. The décor inside has the feel of a Chinese Restaurant, which may be confusing considering they serve authentic Mexican dishes and drinks. Yet, this hipster hangout has food that will make you lose sight of everything else except the taco in your hand.

Spicy Margarita at Barrio Chino NYC

The main reason I headed to Barrio Chino on a Sunday night was that I had been told that they make the best spicy margarita in the city. I went with the jalapeño option after being told by my friends that the habanero option would torch my taste buds. They rim the glasses with sugar instead of salt, which does help with the spice but can make your hands somewhat sticky from the glass. Their fresh grapefruit and watermelon options are also stellar and use fresh fruit juice.

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The verde enchiladas are a not to miss item at Barrio Chino NYC. They are incredibly flavorful and delicious. These enchiladas are covered in a creamy tomatillo sauce that rocks. Inside of the enchiladas are astoundingly tender shredded chicken, black beans and lots of cheese. This dish is big so consider sharing with a friend or go it alone if you’re hungry! The tacos at Barrio Chino NYC are affordable and delicious. I got to try the pescado tacos, which were topped with avocado salsa and one of my favorite ingredients, pickled onion.

If you wake up in the morning and are feeling Mexican, Barrio Chino NYC has an original brunch menu. Like a Bloody Mary at brunch? They feature classic Mexican drinks like the Chilada and the Michelada that you will love if you’re a Bloody fan. I suggest getting their Brunch platter with steak and eggs. A classic Mexican dish that won’t feel outside of your comfort zone and it’s delicious. As always, get some guacamole to go with it.

If you’re looking for something a fun and delicious Mexican spot you have got to check out Barrio Chino NYC.

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